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University Council

Prof. Mutaz Sheikh Salem
University President

Prof. Khaled Sartawi
Vice President and Dean of Business


Dr. Khaldoun Batiha
Acting Dean of Admission and Registration

Dr. Tarek Tutunji
Acting Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Yazan Bataineh
Acting Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

Representatives for Faculty of Arts

Dr. Ghassan Abdul Khaleq

Dr. Fadwa Nusirat

Representatives for Faculty of 
Engineering and Technology

Prof. Munzer Ebaid

Dr. Mustafa Al-Khawaldeh

Representatives for Faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Nabil Al-Nimir

Dr. Yazan Al-Thaher

Representatives for Faculty of Business

Dr. Izzeddien Ananzeh

Dr. Mousa Essbaih

Representatives for Faculty of Science

Dr. Zuheir El-Bayyari

Dr. Raedah Khalil

Representatives for Faculty of
Information Technology

Dr. Rawan Abu Lail

Dr. Maram Bani Younes

Dr. Farouq Shibli
Representative for Faculty of Law

Dr. Abdul-Monim Batiha
Representative for Faculty of Nursing

Mr. Adnan Yahya
Director of Computer Center

Mr. Mohammed Al-Hawi
Director of Finance

Mr. Yahya Odeh
Director of Horticulture

Mr. Fadi Odeh
Representative of Graduates

Representatives of Local Community

Dr. Mohammad Nabil Al-Shaikh Salem

Mr. Issa Abu Urabi

Representative of Students

Mr. Basil Omar Al-Shish

Mr. Mohammad Al-Thani Abu Hamad