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University Council

Terms of Reference

  • To coordinate academic learning, training and advisory activities of the faculties and other academic units at the University and to maintain strong relations with public and private sector institutions.
  • To enhance the level of services rendered by the University in the fields of education, training, academic research and social service.
  • To review the directions given by the President in respect of the University’s performance and submit them to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • To review the University’s annual draft budget and submit it to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • To look into the annual report submitted by the President on the University’s performance and its closing accounts, and submit it to the Board of Trustees.
  • Any other issues the President deems fit to be submitted to the University Council.


Prof. Mutaz Sheikh Salem


Prof. Marwan M. Obeidat

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Mohammad Bettaz

Dean of Information Technology

Dean of Quality Assurance

Prof. Abdel Muttaleb Jaber

Dean of Pharmacy

Dean of Academic Research and Gradaute Studies

Prof. Kasim Al-Aubaidi Dean of Engineering
Prof. Issam Najib Dean of Development and Distance Learning
Dr. Marouf Samhan Acting Dean of Faculty of  Science
Dr. Khaldoun Batihah Acting Dean of Admission and Registration
Dr. Ghassan Abdel Khaleq Acting Dean of Faculty of  Arts
Dr. Osamah Al-Nimat Acting Dean of Faculty of  Law
Dr. Fadwa Al-Halaiqa Acting Dean of Faculty of  Nursing
Dr. Samir Al-Abadi Acting Dean of Faculty of Business
Dr. Omar Al-Kafaween Acting Dean of Student Affairs
Prof. Hassan Ulyyan Representative of Arts
Dr. Marwan Abu Halawah Representative of Science
Dr. Samer Al-Tartir Representative of Information Technology
Dr. Osama Al-Khasawneh Representative of Engineering
Dr. Ghazi Al-Sabarini Representative of Law
Dr. Manal Al-Najdawi Representative of Pharmacy
Dr. Mohammad Abu Jalil Representative of Faculty of Business
Dr. Aida Abdulrazek Representative of Nursing
Dr. Salma Al-Hassan Director of Language Center
Mr. Adnan Sharif Director of Avicenna Center
Mr. Mohammad Al-Maqusi Director of Employee Affairs
Mr. Zuhdi Al-Khateeb Representative of Local Community
Mr. Issa Abu Urabi Representative of Local Community
Mr. Lutfi Al-Azab Representative of Graduates
Mr. Omar Al-Karaki Representative of Students