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Program Benchamrks for Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing aims to provide students with a highly practical subject and linking theory to building successful marketing strategies. The aims of degree programmes in marketing are to provide training in the principles of marketing and their application appropriate to the type of degree concerned, to stimulate students intellectually through the study of marketing and to lead them to appreciate its application to a range of problems and its relevance in a variety of contexts, and to develop in students the ability to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to the solution of theoretical and applied problems in marketing.Typically, then, graduates from programmes in Marketing Department will have demonstrated strengths from among the following:
  1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the main body of knowledge for their programme of study.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of marketing concepts and principles.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of marketing theory and modelling approaches, and their competent use.
  4. Knowledge of appropriate research practices, procedures and traditions, and some awareness of their strengths and limitations.
  5. Knowledge of a variety of communicative situations and cultural practices, along with the ability to produce detailed analyses of these, and to make comparisons and relations.
  6. Present understanding of the sources and content of marketing data and facts and of those methods that might be applied appropriately to the analysis of such data.
  7. The ability to work across a variety of group, and within these to demonstrate flexibility, creativity, and the capacity to persuade others.
  8. Locate, review, evaluate, carry out, report, and analyze research in marketing studies.