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Program Benchmarks for Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy aims at graduating students with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent  teaching  by  academic  staff  regarded  as  of  the  highest  caliber  in  both Research and teaching.
  • Unsurpassed professional and career prospects.
  • Access to a vibrant social life in this exciting area.
  • Access to the surrounding countryside.
  • Our undergraduate B.Sc.  of  Pharmacy  degree  is  fully  accredited  by  Jordan  Pharmaceutical Association.
  • Demonstrate  knowledge  of  the  basic  and  clinical  science  background  of  pharmacy practice.
  • Implement the process of compounding and dispensing medications, interpreting prescription orders and applying calculations related to the compounding and dispensing of medicines.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of  the basic skills and techniques involved in drug manufacture and  development,  drug  design  and  screening  and  quality  assurance  of pharmaceutical products.
  • Participate  in  patient  care  by  influencing  optimal  drug  choice  and  dosage  through effective communication with health care providers and patients.
  • Display legal, moral and ethical attitudes and behaviors consistent with the standards of the profession.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead and to function both independently and as a member of a team.
  • Develop self learning skills, problem solving and critical thinking abilities and the ability to retrieve, evaluate and manage information in the literature.
  • Demonstrate  the  ability  to  write  clear  and  organized  reports,  and  to  present  oral Communications.
  • Develop the necessary skills in information use and management to educate health care professionals and the public in optimal drug therapy.