A Joint International Master Degree in Mechatronics

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Project Activities

The activities of JIM2L Project are:

  1. WP.1: Curriculum Development of a Mechatronics Master Degree MSc.

  2. WP.2: Curriculum Development of a Lifelong Learning Framework in Mechatronics.

  3. WP.3: Description of the Construction and Functioning of the Training Centers.

  4. WP.4: Establishment of Advanced Industry - linked Mechatronics Laboratories.

  5. WP.5: Establishment of National Industry-University Networks in Mechatronics in Egypt and Jordan.

  6. WP.6: Text-Book "Mechatronics Master Course", MMC - in the LLL Framework.

  7. WP.7: Dissemination.

  8. WP.8: Sustainability.

  9. WP.9: Quality Control and Monitoring.

  10. WP.10: Management of the Project.

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