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Vision and Mission of Department of Management Information System

Preparation of specialized and excellent staff in the exploitation of information technology output for the development and use of computerized management information systems for servicing management systems in organizations in order to develop the work of these institutions and to maximize their competitiveness in the labor market and raise their efficiency and proficiency to deal with information technology and computerized information systems and thus improve its work in full.
The Mission of the department is to generate highly skilled professionals to meet the growing market demands in the Information Technology and Systems. The Bachelor of MIS aims to produce graduates who will be able to Develop Management Information System with Management/Business environment. Have a good understanding of Information Technology and its use in organizations for information system development, decision making, project management, etc. Apply IT knowledge in planning, design, evaluation, development, implementation, etc.
  1. To provide a broad-based education in MIS to students from a wide range of backgrounds and with varied subject interests and professional expectations.
  2. To enable students to acquire the knowledge, and develop specialist and transferable skills appropriate for MIS practice.
  3. To emphasize individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary work undertaken within the Information Technology environment and other appropriate environments.
  4. To equip students to pursue their chosen Specialism through professional practice, related employment or further study or research.
  5. Enable students to develop transferable skills such as verbal and written communication, teamwork leadership, planning, etc.
Fairness: Dealing fairly with all and respecting individual’s values, dignity and legitimate freedom.
Transparency: Dealing clearly in all department procedures with students, academic and administrative staff. 
Integrity: Full compliance with professional morals and ethics.
Belongingness: Having a sense of responsibility toward the department, local community and nation.
Cooperation: Group work among all department staff and students in all department procedures.
Innovation: Accommodating innovative ideas and solutions in teaching and learning as well as academic research fields.
Professionalism: The ability to demonstrate knowledge, skills and capability in disciplines.