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Vision and Mission of Department of Software Engineering

Vision of Software Engineering Department :

The Software Engineering Department at Philadelphia University was founded in  the year 2000 as one of the first Software Engineering Departments  offering honor degree in Software Engineering in Jordan. This undergraduate program addresses the growing need for professionals in this sophisticated field. 

Software Engineering Department advances the art of SE inspired by the problems arising in the field of Information Systems. The department's programme trains future SE scientists in the theoretical / practical of this specialization.

Mission of the Software Engineering Department:

The mission of the Software Engineering Department at Philadelphia University is to provide outstanding education to its undergraduate students in accordance with the principles of the University mission, to advance scholarship in key domains of software engineering, and to engage in activities that improve the welfare of society. The Department aims to maintain an environment that promotes innovative thinking; values mutual respect and diversity; encourages and supports scholarship; instills ethical behavior; and engenders life-long learning.  

The strategies of the Department are set to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world, and to meet the needs of a developing job market in Information Technology. Graduates of this program will work with the engineering of software, with special attention devoted to large and critical systems. This program addresses both analytic and practical skills required by students to develop robust and efficient computer software systems for manufacturing, industrial, medical, government, and business applications. They will have individual and team hands-on experience with timely, cost-effective and state-of-the-art processes, methods and tools.  

The curriculum of this program aims to prepare students for careers in software engineering, software project management, and software development and integration. Software engineering comprises the core principles consistent in software construction and maintenance. This mainly covers the fundamental software processes and life-cycles, mathematical foundations of software engineering, requirements analysis, software engineering methodologies and standard notations, principles of software architecture and reuse, software quality frameworks and validation, software development, and maintenance environments and tools.