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Vision and Mission of Department of Web Engineering

To be one of the distinguished departments of Web Engineering in teaching, learning, scientific research, and community service according to international standards to achieve the desired growth and development.
The mission of the Web Engineering Department is derived from the mission of the Faculty of Information Technology and the university, where the department seeks to:
  1. Provide the best education in undergraduate and graduate programs by relying on the latest developments in an excellent learning environment.
  2. Focus on the theoretical and applied aspects in the field of Web Engineering.
  3. Conduct research at the local and international levels through its staff and students.
  4. Support the community through encouraging and sharing technology transfer.
The department reaches a prominent position locally, regionally and internationally and the research activities are supportive of the growing technological development.
Justice: Dealing with equity with all and respecting the value, dignity, and freedom of the individual.
Transparency: Dealing clearly in all university operations with students, faculty, and the staff.
Integrity: Full adherence to professional ethics and ethics within a framework of trust, honesty, and sincerity.
Belongingness: A sense of responsibility towards the department, university, society and the nation.
Collaboration: Teamwork among university staff in all its operations as well as with students
Creativity: Assimilation, encouragement, and sponsorship of ideas and innovative solutions in the fields of teaching, learning and scientific research