Samer is an associate professor and he is currently the head of both the Software Engineering and the Web Engineering Departments at the Faculty of Information Technology at Philadelphia University in Jordan.

He obtained his PhD in Computer Science (Software Engineering) in 2008 from Durham University in England. Thesis title was: Web Services Robustness Testing. Durham is ranked among the top 5 Universities in England. His PhD study was fully supported by a scholarship from Philadelphia University in Jordan.

Samer current research interests include:

[1] Assessing the Security and Dependability of Web Applications using different Testing Techniques

[2] Applying software engineering methods with Web services, such as how to model, test and reengineer a Web service.

[3] Enhancing Software Engineering Curricula of the Jordanian Universities.

Samer has experience in the following domains:

[1] Building Web applications using different platforms, programming languages and technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Samer has built many educational based Web applications that transform the manual transactions done at the faculty of information technology at Philadelphia University into on-line automatic transactions. For example, Samer has built a Web application that responsible for finding the equivalent courses at Philadelphia for the students that are transferred from a different university. This process was done manually before that application.

[2] Testing Web Application to assess different quality attribute especially the security quality. He has experience in user input validation testing for Web applications. He is current working in a research about semantic based test case generation for Web application to assess user input validation related vulnerabilities and security.

[3] Building Web services using different technologies and platforms such as windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Java Enterprise Edition Java EE. His PhD was mainly about building and testing Web services for different quality attributes.

Courses taught by Samer include both undergraduate and graduate courses such as: Web Engineering, Web Services, Software Construction, Software Testing, Software Project Management, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Software Reengineering and others.

Samer has successfully supervised six M.Sc. in Computer Science students in fields related to his research areas, he is currently supervising two M.Sc. in Software Engineering students in the field of Web applications security testing.

Finally, Samer was part of many committees formed by the Jordanian "Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institutes". These committees were tasked to evaluate the Software Engineering department at many Universities such as Princess Sumiah University of Science and Technology and AL-Zaitona University.