Samer had successfully supervised the following Master in Computer Science students:

Student name Thesis title Start date Finish date
Fouad Al Sharaida An Approach to Extend WSDL-based Datatype Specifications to Enhance Web Services Understandability Sept. 2012 June 2013
Raed Absi Extending Web Services Datatype Specifications for Different Development Platforms Jan. 2013 Aug. 2014
Marwan Momani Semantic-based Assessment of the Robustness Quality Attribute of Web Services June 2013 Aug. 2014
Saif Jammal Enhanced WSDL-based Data Perturbation Testing for Web Services July 2013 Aug. 2014
Hatem Mubarak An Approach to Selecting Proper Web Service Based on Service Specifications Jan. 2013 Feb. 2016
Hayat Hamad Web applications test case generation Oct. 2015 Jan. 2017