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Application form for entering electronic databases (from outside the university campus) - academic / administrative

Application form for entering electronic databases (outside the university campus) - student


The databases and periodicals section’s mission is to provide the accessibility to a distinctive electronic content that meet the customers’ different needs in the light of the technological and communicative revolution and the increasing need to keep up with this development in a way that serve the cognitive fields related to the academic sections in the university, as well as, serve and promote scientific research.

To achieve this mission, the library subscribes to a number of world class databases and electronic services. These include:


   The subscribed databases:-

 ● Science Direct Databases:

One of the largest e-databases on the internet in terms of the number of referred researches and published articles. It is issued by Elsevier publisher and it contains about 2500 refereed scientific journals in full text.

To ensure the best services, the library and information sources subscribe to “Freedom Collection” which offers full text access of published articles in Science Direct since 2008 according to the agreement between Philadelphia University and Elsevier Publisher.

These articles are classified into four main categories: humanistic and social sciences, health science, biological science, and engineering and physics science. These four main categories are divided into 24 subsets to serve the different cognitive areas related to the academic disciplines in the university.

This database provides the ability to obtain a full text articles in different forms (as a web page, a PDF, or printed). You can access this database within the university campus using this link:http://www.sciencedirect.com/

You can also use this database from outside the university campus by having a username and password that you can get once you fill in an Username and Password Order Form and send it to the Library’s databases and periodicals section.


        ■  Username and Password Order Form (Academic Staff / Student) 

        ■ Science Direct User Guide.



Ebscohost Database for Academic Journals:

The library subscribes to a number of databases which are presented by the global publisher Ebscohost which ensure the electronic accessibility to more than 12.000 journals in addition to news, statistical reports and book reviews in different disciplines such as interior design, science, arts, Engineering, law, pharmacy, information technology, administration, finance, economics, nursing, communication, and advertising.

The access to this database within university campus can be through this link:http://search.epnet.com/

The following is the sub-database that PU library subscribed from Ebscohost Publishers:

·         Academic Search Complete More Info.

·         Art & Architecture Complete More Info.

·         Business Source Complete More Info.

·         CINAHL Plus with Full Text More Info.

·         Computers & Applied Sciences Complete More Info.

·         Energy & Power Source More Info.

·         ERIC     More Info.

·         Hospitality & Tourism Complete More Info.

·         Legal Collection More Info.

·         Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts More Info.

·         MEDLINE with Full Text More Info.

·         Regional Business News More Info.

·         Research Starters - Business More Info.

·         Research Starters - Education More Info.

·         Small Business Reference Center More Info.


For Off-Campus access: users can access the database through Philadelphia University web site -portals- employee portal (student portal) –library service –search in database

        ■ Ebscohost User Guide



E-marefa Database for Arabic Academic Journals
Leading Arab Electronic full text database offers access to full text articles from peer-reviewed journals published by many of the Arab world’s most prestigious academic publishers, Contains more than 1373 Academic and statistical journals issued by various bodies (universities, research centers, public statistical departments, central banks, scientific associations, regional organizations) in the Arab world in three languages which are Arabic, English and French. Marefa database provides 150.000 articles and statistical reports. This database involves over 280 universities, research centers, statistical apparatus and regional organizations in the Arab world in 19 countries. These bodies supply their journals and publications to Marefa database on regular and continuous basis.

Marefa database encompasses diverse disciplines and scientific specialties whereas each specialty has its own database as follows:

    ·        Humanities

·        Social sciences

·        Natural sciences

·        Engineering sciences

·        Medical sciences, associated sciences, pharmacology and health sciences

·        Economics, finances and business administration

·        Library science, computer science and information technology

·        Periodic statistical reports

You can access the database through the following link: 


    E-marefa database for Arab Theses and Dissertations: This service provides the full text of Master and PhD theses and dissertations produced in the Arab World. It includes more than 22,000 theses and dissertations in full text. and for Off-Campus access: users can access the database through Philadelphia University website -> portals -> employee portal (student portal) –> library service –> search in database


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