1. Can I enroll in two or more English skills courses (99,101,102,103) in the same semester? 

Students can not enroll in two or more courses unless they are expected to graduate in the same semester.


2.  What is a passing grade in English 99? 

Students have to get 50 marks in order to pass English 99.


3. What is the mark that I have to get in the English Placement Test to enroll in English 101 or 102?

Students have to get 50-64 to enroll in English 101, and 65-100 to enroll in English 102.


4. How can I know about my result in the English Placement Test?

The results of the English Placement Test are usually announced on the bulletin boards in the language center. Students can also ask the secretary of the language center about the results. We hope that in the near future the results will be announced online.


5. What are the procedures for sitting for the English Placement Test?

Students should have a receipt from the Finance Department as well as an identity card. 


6. How can I change sections?

Section changes are not permitted. However, in very few cases with the agreement of both instructors,students can move from one section to another if they have good convincing excuses for requesting the change.


7. Where can I find the course description for the courses offered by the language center?

Students can check the language center's web page.


8. What should I do if I was absent in the first, second or final exam?

Students have to fill in a form asking for permission to sit for an incomplete exam, attach an excuse with it (medical or any other) and hand it to the secretary three days after the first and second exam and a week after the final exam.


9. Can I register in a closed section?

Students can not register in a closed section unless they are expected to graduate in the same semester. However, in very few exceptional cases, students might be allowed to enroll in a closed section.


10. Can I enroll in Italian 1 and French 1 in the same semester?

Yes, you can but we advise you to take them separately.


11. Will I be able to speak Italian 1, French 1 or Hebrew fluently after finishing the course?

These are introductory courses that provide students with basic information and set them for more advanced levels. 


12. Where are rooms 401 and 402?

The rooms are on the fourth floor of the language center next to the faculty of pharmacy's cafeteria.

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