Financial and Technical Sponsor

  • Philadelphia Universiy

    Philadelphia University

    Philadelphia University , winner of Al Hussein Fund Prize for Excellence in Information Technology, is a private accredited university situated at a beautiful site in the hills, 25 km outside Amman . It has 9 faculties: Information Technology, Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Administrative and Financial Sciences, Law, Arts, Nursing, and Distant Learning.

    The faculty of Information Technology is composed of five departments (Software Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Management Information Systems). The University provides an educational environment that keeps up with evolution of the technologies.

  • The Jordan Scientific Research Fund (SRSF)


    The Jordan Scientific Research Fund (SRSF) was established in 2007 to fulfill the higher education and scientific research law No. 4 for the year 2005 and its amendments, and law No.23 for the year 2009 as a financially and administratively independent government institute, responsible for encouraging and supporting scientific research in the kingdom. It is administered by a Board of Directors headed by the Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research MOHE.

    The Fund was established with the purpose of:

    • Provision of financial support to scientific research projects submitted by Jordanian universities.
    • Provision of support for the resolution of technical problems faced by Jordanian companies and institutions in order to develop its industry and products and enable it to improve its competitive edge, provided this is done in collaboration with Jordanian universities.
    • Provision of support for enabling the utilization of science and knowledge in technological scientific research and guiding it towards problem resolution. This includes support to research centers and incubators that are able to develop creativity and market the products of its research.
    • Encouraging Jordanian companies and institutions to further spend on research and development activities.
    • Creating the suitable environment for universities and scientific and research centers in order to align its R&D activities with Jordanian companies and institutions needs.
    • Supporting distinguished students through provision of study and research scholarships and support their higher education research programs, provided the student's time is dedicated for that.

  • The Jordan Engineers Association


    The Jordan Engineers Association was established in 1958 to organize to Engineering profession and guarantee engineers' rights and elevate their status.

    The association was established with the purpose of:

    • Organizing the profession of engineering with the required laws.
    • Defending rights of engineers
    • Elevating the scientific and practical level of the profession
    • Guaranteeing a good life for engineers and their families
    • Cooperating with official partners in consultations in public projects
    • Participating in planning and developing educational programs and conducting engineering, industrial and professional training.
    • Participating in studying common issues in the Arab and Muslim worlds
    • Coordinating with Arab, Muslim and International professional engineer associations

  • Technical Sponsors