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The Online Catalogues provide access to over 100,000 documents available in the Library. On-line catalogue terminals are mainly located in the main lobby of the First Floor of the Library and replace the traditional card catalogues. Other terminals are available in each of the Library Halls and provide the Online Catalogue search. The online catalogues can be accessed inside the Library or from any lab within or outside the University campus as follows:  

In the explorer address bar, type this link: http://library.philadelphia.edu.jo where you will be directed to Philadelphia University Library Home Page.

Click "search in English collection" to start your Simple Search in English. Select either General Keyword Search, Title, Author or Subject and enter a word or words in the window below and press "Search" to see the results, or go to Advanced Search.   

The detailed results will appear on the next page. Click one of the results, and you will get detailed bibliographical information about the book, such as the Call Number (which will direct you to the location of the book), the number of copies, the status of the book, whether on loan or available, etc. (as in the examples below)  

Click one of the results..

The Call Number. will direct you to the shelf where the book is located along with other books on the same subject in the English Reading Hall. All publications are organized on the shelving units in hierarchical order according to their call numbers that range from 000-999. For further assistance, please refer to the Reading Hall supervisor or the reference librarian.  If you choose to go to the Advanced Search screen, you can then combine search in order to narrow down your search and limit the results. For example, you can search books in a specific publication year or search the books of a certain author in a specific subject area, as in the example below:  

If you have any difficulties or questions about finding any material you need, seek the assistance of the Reference librarians.

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