Program Benchmarks

Program Benchmarks for Department of Hotel and Tourism Management


Upon completion of the degree, students will be able:

L.O1: To understand the functions and operations of hotel departments and the importance of interdepartmental cooperation and communication:

Criteria: Students to express and reveal vocationally relevant management skills and knowledge in food and beverages operations, front office and housekeeping operations and apply knowledge in analyzing and forecasting room revenue, menu pricing and cost control, the planning, organising and production of exhibitions, conferences and events and other concepts related to operational departments within the hotel.

L.O2: To define, analyze and execute core principles of tourism management:

Criteria: Students to be able to identify and describe the basic concepts of tourism demand and supply theories, and appreciate the complexity of tourism, the concept of sustainability and understand the process of tourism history and planning. Students are able to evaluate the components of tourism at a destination, their relative importance, theories of motivation and holiday taking within the context of national and international tourism. Students are also expected to demonstrate the contribution and impacts of international tourism in social, economic, environmental, political and cultural terms.

L.O3: To apply appropriate management skills and techniques related to the travel and tourism industry operations:

Criteria: Students to be able to define the key elements of tour planning and operations and evaluate key management issues at operational stages when running a business of travel agency and tour operation.

L.O4: To provide high quality hospitality services in a professional manner:

Criteria: Students to be able to provide hospitality services in a professional manner by making a good impression, anticipating customer needs and ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction. Students are able to understand the universal principles of protocols, etiquette, courtesy and manners.

L.O5: To show knowledge and awareness of the moral, ethical, environmental, safety and legal issues which underpin best practice in the hotel and tourism industry:

Criteria: Students to be able to recognise the potential hazards that could give rise to a negligent breach of duty within the hospitality and tourism industry. Students are able to identify measures/procedures that will reduce or eliminate accidents and contamination in food preparation and other service areas. Students are expected to illustrate an ability to use ethics as a basis for decision making within the context of hospitality and tourism management.

L.O6: To communicate effectively in standard written and spoken English:

Criteria: Students to be able to communicate effectively in English using a variety of written, oral and other modes to express ideas in a professional business environment in fields related to hospitality management and international


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