Thesis Title: Terms of Generosity and Stinginess in Arabic Dictionaries: A Semantic and Lexical Study
Author: Adi Tawfiq Al-Said, Supervisor: Omar Kafaween, Year: 2017
Faculty: Arts, Department: Arabic Language and Literature

Abstract: تتناول هذه الدراسة ألفاظ الكرم والبخل في المعاجم العربية من حيث دراستها دراسة معجمية دلالية ذلك أن المتقصي للمعاجم يدرك أن مثل هذه الألفاظ يمكن أن تجمع في دراسة مستقلة تندرج وفق نظرية الحقول الدلالية . وقد انتظمت الدراسة في مقدمة وتمهيد وفصلين وخاتمة ، تناولتُ في المقدمة أهمية الدراسة وسبب اختيار موضوعها وبعض الدراسات السابقة ومشكلتها وأهدافها والمنهج الذي قامت عليه، وفي التمهيد تحدثتُ عن علم الدلالة بين التراث والمعاصرة ، كما وقفتُ عند الكرم والبخل في الموروث العربي ، وأشرتُ إلى المعاجم العربية وارتباطها بعلم الدلالة وتداخلها. وفي الفصل الأول : درستُ ألفاظ الكرم والبخل في ضوء نظرية الحقول الدلالية ، وفصلتُ بإيجاز مفهوم الحقول الدلالية ، ووقفت وقفة إحصائية هدفها البحث عن حقول الكرم وحقول البخل في المعاجم العربية ، معتمداً على كتاب )العين( للخليل بن أحمد ) ت 171 ه ( ، ومعجم ) تهذيب اللغة ( للأزهري ) ت 373 ه ( ، و)المخصص( لابن سيده ) ت 814 ه ( ، ومعجم )لسان العرب(لابن منظور ) ت 711 ه ( ، والمعجم الوسيط . وأما الفصل الثاني : فقد حاولت فيه أن أدرس ألفاظ الكرم والبخل دراسة تحليلية لغوية تهدف إلى رصد ألفاظ الكرم والبخل ودراستها في ضوء نظرية التطور الدلالي ، فبدأتُ في توضيح مفهوم التطور الدلالي وتطبيق ألفاظ الكرم والبخل على مظاهر ذلك التطور، ثم البحث في وظائف التطور الدلالي وتطبيقاتها على بعض ألفاظ الكرم والبخل . وانتهى البحث بخاتمة موجزة تحمل أهم نتائج الدراسة وخلاصتها.

Keywords: البخل ، التطور الدلالي ، الحقول ، الكرم ، اللفظ ، المعاجم ، المعنى.

Thesis Title: Existenialism in a Sample of Jordanian Women Story Writing
Author: Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Haj Ali, Supervisor: Dr. Ghassan Abdul Khaliq, Year: 2017
Faculty: Arts, Department: Arabic Language and Literature

Abstract: تناولت الدراسة النزعة الوجودية في نماذج من القصة النسوية الأردنية، في قصص كل من: بسمة النسور، جميلة عمايرة، وجواهر الرفايعة

Keywords: Existenialism, Jordanian Women

Thesis Title: A Stylistic Analysis of the English Speeches of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan
Author: Nadia Salem Hussain Serrieh, Supervisor: Dr. Khalil Nofal, Year: 2017
Faculty: Arts, Department: English Language and Literature

Abstract: This study is intended to scrutinize the linguistic strategies that His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein uses in his speeches (political, economic, religious, and local), since analyzing the speeches delivered by the King in terms of critical discourse analysis has not yet received much linguistic attention and analysis. The researcher believes that King Abdullah II is able to persuade his audience with his ideology. Therefore, the study sheds light on the strategies employed by the King to achieve effective persuasion in twenty English speeches of his. The strategies that will be involved in the analysis are figurative language (metaphor, personification, and simile), intertextuality, and reference. The researcher reveals that the linguistic strategies of His Majesty the King are used effectively to persuade the audience of different ideologies, i.e., points of view, ideas, goals, beliefs, etc.

Keywords: critical discourse analysis, stylistics, figurative language, metaphor, personification, simile, intertextuality, reference.

Thesis Title: Social Mobility in Selected Literary Works
Author: Asmaa Awni Abdelgani Abu Tair, Supervisor: Professor Mohammad Asfour, Year: 2017
Faculty: Arts, Department: English Language and Literature

Abstract: This thesis deals with different cases of upward social mobility in selected English and American literary works. It is an attempt to analyze and study the concept of upward social mobility as a social phenomenon that is a recurrent theme in literature. This is done by scrutinizing different upstart characters in the selected works, and by shedding light on their experience in their new environment. The main aim of this study is to refute the possibility of upward social mobility, and to show the extreme difficulty the upstarts face when they seem to rise in the world. This study attempts to prove that upward social mobility is in its core sense a change that doesn’t exceed appearances. The study pursues an analytical approach in exploring the theme of upward mobility in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, and in Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and Arms and the Man.

Keywords: Social Mobility

Author: Yahya Ali Iesa Alhammad, Supervisor: Dr. Wagah Farman Mohammad, Year: 2016
Faculty: Engineering, Department: Mechatronics Engineering

Abstract: The Hybrid car is considered to be an effective solution to retrieve the amount of wasted energy by retrieving the kinetic energy when using brakes, driving downhill, or stopping. Therefore, the hybrid car can be utilized to decrease the use of global fuel consumption and protect the environment from extra pollution. In this work, a proposed model using both of the thermoelectric cooler modules and thermoelectric generator modules (TEC-TEG) is implemented. This model is appropriate for cooling the photovoltaic panel to increase about 60% of the output power when the temperature falls from 100oC to 20 oC. The Output power will be used as an auxiliary electrical energy in hybrid cars applications. Thermoelectric modules are selected because they rarely require maintenance, and they do not produce operation noise. In addition, the weight of these modules is light, and they are interfacing easily with hybrid car applications. Thermoelectric modules are durable, highly-efficient and their cost is low and requires small spice. Wasted heat energy from the exhaust system will be exploited based on Peltier effect using TEG modules that are fixed on the exhaust system to power thermo electric cooler. TEC modules are also used to cool down and improve the efficiency of a solar panel fixed on the car's roof. TEC and TEG modules are semiconductor junctions which primarily convert the voltage differential into temperature differential and vice versa. The main contribution of deriving the mathematical model for current control that drives the TEG module is to power the TEC module and achieve the optimal current. As a consequence, achieving the optimal current will in its turn improve the coefficient of performance (COP) and thus increase the solar panel efficiency. Moreover, the variation in the output power due to the variation of panel temperature and irradiance for the photovoltaic panel is investigated. Control system will be tested using Matlab simulation by making a comparison between the case when the TEC-TEG are directly combined with each other and when they are used in the control system based on the mathematical model. The relationship between COP vs. current for two cases showed that the area of improvement using this control system has included all operation conditions for internal composition engine. Therefore, this technique is the most suitable for use in hybrid cars when adding a solar cell panel. Finally, throughout this thesis, Matlab simulations are conducted to analyze different suggested scenarios. Keywords: photovoltaic cell; efficiency; amorphous silicon; thermoelectric generator; thermoelectric cooler; coefficient of performance; control system; hybrid cars.