Dr. Rawan Allouzi

Assistant professor of Architecture

Department of Architectural Engineering/ Faculty of Architecture and Design


I joined Philadelphia University in 2022 after completing my PhD from the University of Kent/ Kent School of Architecture and Planning. I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degree from the University of Jordan. After graduating in 2014, I worked at Rukn Al-Urdon Engineering Consulting Office for two years and at the Ministry of Public Works Housing for one year. During my postgraduate degree, I published several papers and presented one of them in the 10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins which was held in 2015 in Bern, Switzerland.

My PhD thesis focused on combining the architectural and urban assessment with the thermal assessment which is not common in the bibliography, but it is deemed essential to provide an integrated framework for assessing development projects in vernacular settlements, especially in the era of climate change. The framework will help local authorities and stakeholders assess the impacts of different transformations, identify challenges, and establish recommendations for professionals in the field of construction who are considering sustainable development as a solution for regenerating abandoned vernacular buildings and settlements.

Research interests

Through my research, I have investigated the interrelationship between vernacular architecture, sustainable architecture, and heritage conservation. This includes the main aspects of vernacular architecture in the 21st century, such as its significance, challenges, and preservation. This has a strong interdisciplinary nature, particularly between the disciplines of Architectural Conservation and Sustainable Architecture.