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President's Message
As a distinguished academic institution, Philadelphia University commits itself to becoming a full partner in the development of both Jordanian society and other societies at the regional and global levels. The role of science, technology, information and means of communication is becoming absolutely vital to the well-being of humanity. In the coming few years, this role is bound to become a decisive engine of growth. Relevant high–quality education, supported by problem–oriented, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional research, is the only means of leading any society to become an active partner in the development of human civilizationread full message


Events Calendar
02 June 2016 آخر موعد للإنسحاب من المواد
11 - 19 June 2016 فترة إجراء الإمتحانات النهائية
21 June 2016 آخر موعد لتسليم النتائج لدائرة القبول والتسجيل
23 June 2016 آخر موعد للإعتراض على النتائج