Accepted Papers

  1. 1. Abdullah Aljulayfi and Karim Djemame. Simulation of an Augmented Reality Application for Driverless Cars in an Edge Computing Environment
  2. 2. Abir Hoadjli and Khaled Rezeg.A smart city system using Backend as a service approach: Biskra city case study
  3. 3. Amro Al-Said Ahmad and Peter Andras. Measuring and Testing the Scalability of Cloud-based Software Services
  4. 4. Basel Barakat, Simeon Keates, Kamran Arshad and Ian Wassell. Deriving Machine to Machine (M2M) Traffic Model from Communication Model
  5. 5. Belal Shanyour and Abdallah Qusef. Global Software Development and its Impact on Software Quality
  6. 6. Bushra Alhijawi, Safaa Hriez and Arafat Awajan. Text-based Authorship Identification - A survey
  7. 7. Chafika Djaoui, Elhillali Kerkouche, Allaoua Chaoui and Khaled Khalfaoui. Generating Maude Specifications from UML Interaction Overview Diagrams: A Graph Transformation Based Approach
  8. 8. Fatima Zait and Nacereddine Zarour. Addressing Lexical and Semantic Ambiguity in Natural Language Requirements
  9. 9. Hisham Siam and Maram Bani Younes. Multi-Destinations Round Trip Planner Protocol
  10. 10. Kajol Rana, Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh and Dr. P Vijaya.A Systematic Review on Different Security Frameworks of IoT
  11. 11. Leila Belaiche, Laid Kahloul and Saber Benharzallah. Multi-Objective Optimization Based Approach for Throughput Maximization in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
  12. 12. Lipika Goel,Dr Mayank Sharma, Dr. Sunil Kr. Khatri and Dr. D Damodaran.Implementation of Data sampling in class imbalance learning for Cross Project defect prediction : An Empirical study
  13. 13. Majdi Mafarja, Iyad Jaber and Sobhi Ahmed. Whale Optimization Algorithm for High-dimensional Small-Instance Feature Selection
  14. 14. Masoud Mohammadian and Zafer Javed.A Novel Method for Comparing Test Suites for Developing Reliable Software Applications
  15. 15. Mohammad Aldossary and Karim Djemame. Energy-based Cost Model of Virtual Machines in a Cloud Environment
  16. 16. Mona Tanwar and Prof. Sunil Kumar Khatri.A Framework for User Profile Enrichment in Content-based Recommender Systems by inferring the Semantic Couplings
  17. 17. Nizar Lamalem, Yahya Benkaouz and Mohammed Erradi. Community Detection System in Online Social Network
  18. 18. Noman Mazher. SMS-based Gas Leakage for Fire Detection and Alert System
  19. 19. Rachida Ait Abdelouahid and Abdelaziz Marzak. Towards to a New Interoperability Quality Model for IoTs
  20. 20. Raneem Qaddoura and Saher Manaseer. Comparative Study for the Effect of CPU Speed in Fog Networks
  21. 21. Richard Kavanagh and Karim Djemame. Energy-aware Self-Adaptive Middleware for Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures
  22. 22. Salam Hamdan, Amjad Hudaib and Arafat Awajan. Hybrid Algorithm to Detect the Sybil Attacks in VANET
  23. 23. Shboha Tyagi, Dr. Subranil Som and Dr. Qamar Parvez Rana. Trust based Fuzzified Multicast Group Preventing Flooding to ensure QoS in Mobile Adhoc Networks
  24. 24. Yasser Lamalem. New and fast algorithm to minimal cutsets enumeration based on necessary minimal paths