Name: Dr. Abdallah Jameel Abu Salma

Rank: Associate Professor

Domain: Business Administration

Academic Qualifications:

- Bachelor of Business Administration / Zarqa University, with a grade of (very good).

- Master (MBA)، Business Administration / Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences / Jordan with a grade of (very good).

- Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration / University of Banking and Financial Sciences / Jordan. With a general grade (very good).

Academic hierarchy:

Assistant Professor 2009-2010 Middle East University.

Associate Professor 2015 Middle East University to Present.

Academic Experience:

- Faculty Member - Middle East University.

- Faculty Member - Zarqa University.

- Vice Dean - Zarqa University.

- Dean of Faculty Evening Studies - Zarqa University.

- Faculty Member - Al Ain University - United Arab Emirates.

- Faculty Member - Philadelphia University to Present.