Dr. Mohammad Bayan

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Pharmacy

Philadelphia University

Tel. +962 (0)6 4799000 Ext: 2227


Research Interests:

Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Formulation

Stimuli-Responsive Polymers

Hydrogels and Microgels



Microfluidic Technology

Supercritical Fluid Technology

Controlled Drug Delivery

Triggered Drug Delivery


Research Statement:

The major focus of Dr. Bayan's research involves the development of controlled and triggered drug delivery systems. He has done his PhD studies in the area of pharmaceutics and drug delivery under the supervision of Professor Colin McCoy and secondary supervisor, Professor Gavin Andrews. His PhD research involved the development of stimuli-responsive carriers for controlled and triggered drug delivery purposes using Microfluidic technologies. The work involved organic synthesis, synthesis and characterisation of polymeric materials and performing drug release studies. Dr. Bayan has done his Master's research project under the supervision of Professor Rana M. Obaidat as a primary supervisor and the late Professor Bassam M. Tashtoush as a secondary supervisor. The title of this project was-Preparation of Microparticles for Sustained Release Purposes Using Supercritical Fluid Technology.