Chinese Language and the Way to China
Chinese courses

Are to be available for those interested in the Chinese language and going to China to tour, study, or for business.

Just come to register!
and through these courses you may get a scholarship to study in China for half a year or one year almost free of charge, meaning that you need only to pay for your flight tickets!

And after learning these courses, we will help those who do quite well with some free intensive training and instruction to enable you to take the HSK (the proficiency test given by The Headquarters of Confucius Institute). This test has six levels, and those who pass level two and oral exam level two will have the qualification to apply for a scholarship at least for half a year to study in China.

In the year 2013, Confucius Institute of Philadelphia University successfully applied 11 scholarships for the Chinese learners here in Amman.

The courses include three levels: elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level.
Each course is 12 weeks, 6 hours per week, total 72 hours.
The fee is 150 JD.

Contact us: Confucius Institute of Philadelphia University Tel. 06-5163498/ 06-5163649

Our address: Abu Al Haj Building 7th Floor, University Avenue (AD-Dustour Press opposite), Amman 11953, Jordan.