The University’s openness to international and local scientific and educational institutions, and the adherence of Philadelphia University to its pioneering role by participating in developing society and contributing to its progress and prosperity, as pointed out in the University message, require a strong and effective network of international and public relations, and accordingly it shall itself be the area of interaction between the University and the local and international milieu (medium).

The University has given this subject great importance through the expanded work program which is being executed by this department in cooperation with the University’s other deans and departments.

The International Relations Office (IRO) is in charge of organizing and carrying out all necessary arrangements and preparations of cultural activities and scientific conferences which are held at the University. It also offers general services for official and academic missions including welcoming University guests and organizing their visit programs. The Office is also responsible for publicizing the University news, activities and programs through newspapers and other media channels.

The IRO provides expert support and guidance as regards formal international relations of Philadelphia University. It also contributes to the internationalisation of education and enhances the visibility of the University.

 It is responsible for:

  • International policy development, research and the provision of strategic and country-specific advice to faculties / graduate schools and academic centers.
  • Coordination and oversight of the establishment, development and review of the University's formal bilateral and multilateral relations with overseas universities.
  • Oversight of an international diplomatic relations strategy with key international government agencies and diplomatic missions.
  • The development, promulgation and oversight of protocols for the management of visits by high level incoming international delegations.

 Main Accomplishments:

  • Convey an accurate image relating to all the activities carried out by the University and its faculties and departments. This, indeed, includes the scientific, academic, student and social activities.
  • Acquaint others with the University and its activities by arranging visits for prominent visitors from official departments, embassies, media, and groups of students and foreign visitors.
  • Produce informative materials on the University, both in the Arabic and English languages, including folders, books, posters, announcements (advertising) and films.
  • Organize the propagation and dissemination of informative materials in information media, according to work requirements.
  • Organize agreements with cultural and scientific offices and institutions which deal with the University, locally and internationally, and supervise the implementation of such agreements.
  • Organize the University participation in scientific, promotional, and informative activities outside the University.
  • Follow up local and other Arab information media concerning their coverage of topics related to the University in particular, and higher educations in general, in addition to building up a data archive on the University containing printed, illustrated, and recorded matters.
  • Conclude, organize, and supervise the implementation of agreements with universities and other scientific institutions.
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