Online Concsumer Behavior

Course Description

This course provides an overview of fundamental concepts of Consumer Behavior from the point-of-view of consumers living in a digital world. The course examines the decisions consumers make, the processes underlying these decisions, and the psychological and sociological factors that influence buying behavior. More specifically, students will learn about various external and internal influences affecting the field of consumer behavior considering the impact of social media, online communities, and always-on mobile connectivity. Such influences include social groups, online research and communication, social class, culture, perception, motivation, attitude, and self-concept, among others. The course also examines the

impact of digital marketing on society, both domestic and global.

Service Quality and Customer Care

Course Description

This course covers the knowledge and application skills to establish and improve the level of service quality and customer satisfaction in the organisation. This involves Methods and techniques for how quality can be assessed and improved are introduced in order to obtain customer satisfaction, communicating findings and implementing improvement plans to close gaps.

Sales Managment

Course Description

This course is considered as selling in glance. The course aims to familiarize students with the basic concepts, techniques, and strategies of selling and sales management. Particularly, it introduces several varied topics including; selling strategies, planning, designing and developing the sales force, and managing and evaluating sales practices.