Youtube Channels
Mind Your Decisions: brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles, math problems.
2) Mathologer.
3) Numberphile: Videos about numbers - it's that simple.
4) Brilliant: Math and science done right.

Academic Links
1) Academic Earth: Free videos from leading universities.
2) Directory of open access journals.
3) MATHEMATICA: Techniqual and scientific software.
4) Wolfram|Alpha: Computational knowledge engine.
5) MIT: Free online course materials from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
6) Mathematics Journals: electronic and printed.
7) CIMPA: International center for pure and applied mathematics.
8) GAMBIT: Game theory analysis software and tools.

1) Editor: The easy to use, online, collaborative LaTeX editor.
2) Templates: The best source of free quality LaTeX templates.

Mathematical Olympiad
1) International Mathematical Olympiad: is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students.

Publishing Companies
1) John Wiley and Sons, Inc.: Knowledge for generations.
2) Pearson Higher Education.
3) Cengage Learning: Shaping the future of global learning.
4) The McGraw-Hill Companies.
5) Cambridge University Press: Advances learning, knowledge and research worldwide.

1) PU: Philadelphia university library.
2) JU: The main library of University of Jordan.
3) JUST: Jordan University of Science and Technology library.
4) YU: Yarmouk university library.