Stages of Producing Electronic Courses

Electronic teaching, as widely known, is developed, supervised, and run by two main parties: educational institutions, and technical experts. These two parties cooperate to apply the e-learning system.

According to the form of Addie Mode, the stages of producing electronic courses can be summarized as follows:
  • Analysis: providing the content, estimating the potentials of the educational environment and laying the educational objectives.
  • Designing: designing the content which includes: defining the educational objectives, specifying collecting resource, and the educational means and the order of putting content for use.
  • Development: preparing the content in accordance with the designing stage. This includes: collecting and producing pictures, videos, interactive exercises, and self-learning exercises.
  • Implement: loading down the content on the learning management system, training the trainers in how to use the system.
  • Evaluation: evaluating the quality and efficiency of the content. This can be performed at two stages:
    1. Structure Evaluation: evaluating the content by noting down the strengths and weaknesses of the system from the very beginning.
    2. Statistical Evaluation: testing the content after application, distributing some questionnaires to both trainers and trainees.