About Avicenna Center for E-Learning

Avicenna Center for E-Learning Modern technology and the rapid changes that resulted from scientific and technological development and information technology have had a great effect on the development of new educational methodologies and approaches which participated in solving the various problems the educational systems confront. The goal of education nowadays is not only to give students knowledge and facts, but also the need for obtaining skills, abilities and self independence so that the learner will be able to interact with new developments.

A lot of educational institutions took the initiative, and many new approaches have appeared in the field of education, e.g. electronic education (E-learning) which is based on employing computer, network, and other interactive methods in teaching.

Philadelphia University took the initiative in this context and was one of the pioneering universities in electronic education in collaboration with UNESCO by establishing Avicenna Virtual Campus and giving academic access to the Syllabi Management System (Moodle).