Types of Electronic Learning

Types of Electronic Learning 1. Synchronous e-learning:

It is the method and technologies of education adopted on the international net for information for transmitting and exchanging of lectures and research topics among the learner and the instructor at the same actual time of teaching the material in chatting rooms, or receiving lessons through virtual classrooms. This type of e-learning allows the learner to get immediate feedback.

Synchronous electronic education tools:
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Video conferencing
  • Interactive white board
  • Chatting room

  • 2. Asynchronous e-learning

    The learner receives courses, or teaching sessions according to a planned schedule in which he chooses the time and place that fit his time by applying some e-elearning methods such as: e-mail, Video, Tapes, and CD's. What makes this type of learning distinct is that the student can choose the place and the time to do the learning material.