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Educational System for Graduate Studies

The study plan consists of 33 credit hours for the M.A. and M.Sc. degrees. The thesis option consists of five compulsory courses, three elective courses, and a thesis worth nine credit hours. The comprehensive exam option consists of five compulsory courses, and six elective courses. 

  • The academic year consists of two regular semesters, and an optional summer session:
    • The Fall Semester: Early October to mid-January.
    • The Spring Semester: Early February to Early June.
    • The Summer Session: Late June to Late August.
  • The maximum number of credit hours the student can register in each semester is as follows:
    • The Fall Semester: 12 Credit Hours (Four Courses).
    • The Spring Semester: 12 Credit Hours (Four Courses).
    • The Summer Session: 6 Credit Hours (Two Courses).