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The duration of study for the Bachelor's degrees with a normal course load depends on the academic study plan. For example, in the faculty of science the duration is eight semesters or four academic years; the Faculty of Engineering, it is ten semesters or five academic years.

The minimum period of study for a bachelor's degree is three academic years in the four-year faculties, and four academic years in the five-year faculties, each year consisting of two semesters with an optional summer session.  

Sixteen weeks for either of the regular semesters and eight weeks for the summer session.

The minimum load for full-time BA students is 12 credit hours in the regular semesters, and the maximum is 18. However, students are allowed to undertake 21 or 22 hours if they expect to graduate. 

Students are classified by year: First, second, third, fourth, and fifth in some faculties, and in terms of accumulated credit hours based on the successful completion of at least 30, 60, 90, 120 credit hours respectively.

Attendance is compulsory in all classes, seminars, and practical sessions in accordance with the credit hours determined for each course in the study plan.  

Students may not be absent for more than (15%) of the total number of class hour. A student who is absent for more than 15% of the total number of class hours without submitting a medical report or an excuse acceptable to the Dean shall not be allowed to sit for the final examination, and his/her grade for that course will be zero. The student will have to repeat that course if it is obligatory.

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The medium instruction at Philadelphia University is Arabic and English.

Yes, Philadelphia University has a Language Center that teaches all levels of English.

Yes, students who have been admitted to Philadelphia University as transfer students should have official transcripts of their previous college-level work sent directly to the Philadelphia University Office of Admissions and Registration for purposes of evaluation by the University Registrar and Dean of the College concerned. 

Yes, students admitted to Philadelphia University will receive university assistance in securing the appropriate student visa.