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Vision and Mission of Department of Finance and Banking


The department hopes to achieve a leading position among well- known universities in Jordan and beyond, in areas of teaching, research, and community services.


The department's mission is to provide quality equality education and training and to enable student's to acquire skills which will help, them after graduation to work or continue further higher education.


  • The department aims at providing students with quality education and training in order to gain skills necessary for serving the economy.
  • Instruction includes theoretical and applied courses with emphases on the use of computers.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching, the department is in constant contact with its graduates and with the business community in order to direct the instruction towards the communities needs.
  • The department offers an academic program leading to bachelor degree in financial and banking sciences upon completion of (132) credit hours, integrating theory and practice. There are (9) staff members in the department.
  • The number of students enrolled at the department for the academic year 2011/2012 was (250)