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Aims and Objectives of Distance Learning Deanship

The aims and objectives of the Deanship of Distance Learning are:

  1. Spreading and reinforcing the e-learning education to develop it and make it more effective in communication between staff members and students.
  2. Conducting special training courses on e-learning.
  3. Providing new teaching material to keep up with the technological progress in teaching methods.
  4. Providing training, development, necessary technical support and building up abilities to improve both students and teaching staff member’s performance.
  5. Establishing e-learning environment that motivates students out of the campus and in different areas of the Kingdom to study at the University.
  6. Communication and partnership with the local and regional universities in the field of e-learning.
  7. Starting new programs in blending and e-learning.
  8. Achieving quality and performance indicators in e-learning according to the local standard.