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Vision and Mission of Faculty of IT

The mission of Faculty of Information Technology is in conformity with  the mission of Philadelphia University. The Faculty of Information Technology was established at Philadelphia University in the year 2000-2001, to serve the national and international students who seek   world class career-oriented education in wide variety of IT specializations.  

The Faculty of Information Technology is committed to provide opportunities for students to obtain Degree level education in the fields of Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Applied Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management Information Systems and Computer Education via properly resourced structures, which support a vibrant community of learned individuals who are charged with the responsibility of providing appropriate education to the students of the Faculty.  

The primary goal of Faculty of Information Technology is to graduate students who have successfully completed four years of academic requirements which include practical training and Graduation project, leading to the B.Sc. degree in one of the IT specializations.  

The Faculty adheres to the following goals:  

  1. To teach academic curriculum in conformity with International standards like ACM/IEEE Curriculum (CC 2001).
  2. The commitment to comply with Quality assurance and quality control criteria set forth by the Faculty of IT.
  3.  Developing world-class professionals in various IT specialization areas.
  4. Developing conducive environment for IT Research and creating opportunities for higher education.
  5. Mobilizing academic and technical resources for the growth of IT based business and Industry, thereby promoting local job creation, Economic development and Technology Transfer.
  6. Developing and enhancing the logical and technical capabilities of the students through transferable knowledge and skills required by IT employers and industry leaders.