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Achievements of Computer Center

Computer center has developed the following systems:

  • The Online Examinations System.
  • The Online Placement Tests System.
  • Phone Directory System.
  • The Graduates' Evaluation of Faculty Members System.
  • The Students' Evaluation of Faculty Members and Courses System.
  • Warehouse Management, Supplies and Buses System.
  • The System of Stores and Equipments:
    • The System organizes the matters of the stores: custody and goods. 
  • The System of Salaries:
    • This system controls the salaries at the finance department, issuing repots and required statistics and it uses the internet to send reports of the salaries to the bank. 
  • The System of Personnel Affairs:
    • This System organizes the files of the employees at the university. 
  • Transportation System:
    • This system controls the spare parts and the daily movement of the buses and it prepares the reports and the statistics for the transportation department. 
  • The System of Graduates:
    • This system stores the whole information related to the graduates and it issues the reports and the statistics to follow up the graduates. 
  • The System of Medical Clinic:
    • The Center is responsible of designing and developing the system of the clinic. 
  • The System of Estimated Budget:
    • The Center is responsible of designing and developing the system of the estimated budget.
  • University Cards System.
  • Academic Advising System.
  • Development  of the University Website and other Electronic Services.
  • Maintenance System of the Computer Center.
  • Students' Achievements System.
  • Archiving Files System.
  • International Students System.
  • Employees Time Attendance System.