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Activities of Computer Center

The following is a list of all the activities by computer center: 

  • Electronic Registration: Developing the registration system so  that the student will use a secret number provided by the  admission department to register, add-withdraw subjects and  check out his/her marks through the university intra-net. 
  • Data Warehouse: The Computer Center works with the  American International Company to establish huge information  banks to cover and connect the activities of the academic and administrative departments at the university; this system would be effective for decision-making. 
  • Development and Maintenance of the Internet Network.
  • Maintenance of Computers and Programs: The Computer Center maintains the whole set and nets at the university and lists properties of the sets and equipment that the laboratories, faculites need to buy. 
  • Offering the service of E-mail: The center provides the academic staff members, the students, the departments and faculties with E-mail services on the server of the university.
  • Developing the University Website.
  • Supervising the Security Systems and Monitoring Cameras.
  • Supervising E-learning Servers.
  • Supervising the Wireless Network.