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Objectives of Computer Center

The Computer Center at Philadelphia University has the following Objectives and Goals: 

  • Offering the required computer services for the students, the members of the academic and administrative staff. 
  • Offering the required computer services for scientific research and higher studies of the university. 
  • Offering the special services to involve the computer in the administration of the faculties, centers and departments of the university. 
  • Providing the chances of training on the applications and uses of the computers for people inside and outside the university. 
  • Offering the consultation and general services of using computer for public and private institutes. 
  • Supervising and following up all the projects related with IT. 
  • Supervising the developing and updating of the website of the university. 
  • Establishing the intra-structure network of the university which covers the faculties and their departments.
  • Offering services to the society through the training courses and the intra-net establishment.