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Faculty of Arts Council

Dr. Ghassan Abdul Khaliq

Acting Dean

Dr. Mowafaq Abu Hammoud

Dean Assistant / Chairman of Development Studies Dept. / Chairman of Journalism Dept.

Dr. Omar Kafaween

Chairman of Arabic Language Dept.

Dr. Areen Khalifeh

Chairman of English Language Dept.

Dr. Haibin Ding

Chairman of Chienese Language Dept.

Dr. Faisal Al-Omari

Chairman of Graphic Design Dept.

Chairman of Interior Design Dept.

Dr. Lina Ashour

Chairman of Counseling Pyschology Dept.

Dr. Amjad Al-Zoubi

Chairman of Humanities Dept.

Dr. Abdelsalam Al-Odat

Rep. of Development Studies Dept.

Dr. Majed Al-Zubaidi

Rep. of Journalism Dept.

Dr. Sanaa Khawaldeh

Rep. of Counseling Psychology Dept.

Dr. Hala Abboushi

Rep. of Arabic Language Dept.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Jayouse

Rep. of English Language Dept.

Dr. Suhad Al-Douri

Rep. of Graphic Design Dept.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Turk

Rep. of Interior Design Dept.

Mr. Hisham Bani Amer

Rep. of Humanities Dept.

Dr. Hu

Rep. of Chienese Language and Literature Dept.

Dr. Amjad Al-afeef

Rep. of Local Community

 Mr. Riyadh Al-Khawaldeh

Rep. of Local Community