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Mission of Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Arts is distinguished in education, scientific research and community service at the level of languages, arts and humanities


The College of Arts endeavors to:

  1. Prepare graduates with knowledge, culture, skills and values, and having the motivation for lifelong learning and the ability to keep up with the modern demands.
  2. Enhancing scientific research and creativity among faculty members and students, especially graduate students.
  3. Building a productive partnership with society and its institutions.


Justice: Dealing fairly with everyone and respecting individual's value, dignity and freedom.

Transparency: Dealing clearly with students, staff members and employees at all university operations

Integrity: Full commitment to professional ethics within a trust, safety and sincerity framework.

Affiliation: A sense of responsibility and loyalty to the university, faculty, society and homeland

Cooperation: Deepening the spirit of teamwork among faculty staff at all faculty's operations as well as with the students.

Creativity: Keep abreast of innovative ideas and solutions and encouraging and nurturing them in the fields of teaching, learning and scientific research.

Professional: Ability to demonstrate knowledge, skill and competence in specialization.