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Mission of Department of English Language and Literature

Department's Mission

This Department is a basic constituent of Philadelphia University, Jordan. Hence it works in line with this University's policies and mission. It provides a B.A. program and an M.A. program. For that purpose, it employs well-qualified and experienced staff. It also makes sure that the staff member keeps in touch with the latest research in his/her field, both in book-form and on the internet. All members of staff participate in the Faculty of Art's Academic Week, which has been held annually for about fifteen years.

Some members of staff also submit papers to the Philadelphia International Conference, which has been a yearly event that attracts researchers for the last sixteen years. The Department has also been active with the local community, making sure that it offers assistance in the English language to several schools and other institutions in neighboring towns.

Department's Vision

  1. Offering quality instruction in English language and literature to all students who join the Departments
  2. Establishing productive interaction with other departments and institutes at home and abroad
  3. Preparing its graduates to occupy respectable and fruitful positions in the market
  4. Establishing fruitful relations with the local community, with a view to providing linguistic and other types of help