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Program Benchmarks for Department of English Language and Literature


  1. Be a competent user of the English language, both in its spoken and written forms. He/she will be able to communicate effectively with native speakers and other users of English.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of concepts, modes of analysis, and theoretical frameworks in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, etc. His/her knowledge of linguistics will provide him/her with a practical understanding of language and how it works in actual use.
  3. Be equipped with a range of transferable skills, communicative, presentational, and intellectual (cognitive and analytical) skills.
  4. Have some insight into the historical development of the English language.
  5. Have a fair understanding of the linguistic differences between Arabic and English, which will have a direct bearing on practical skills, such as translation and interpretation.
  6. Possess a fair familiarity with English literature, including some knowledge of a wide range of genres, such as poetry, fiction and drama.
  7. Have enough competence in English to pursue study in many fields of knowledge.
  8. Have a fair knowledge of Western culture to help others, whether from the West or the Middle East, to communicate effectively.
  9. Have the ability to conduct research in English.