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Objectives of Department of English Language and Literature

  1. Enabling students to master the four basic language skills in the context of varied functions of communication and genres of language use.
  2. Training students to carry out critical analyses of linguistic and literary texts and to place them in their historical, philosophical, cultural, social, and global context.
  3. Providing students with a solid knowledge and understanding of English prose, poetry, fiction, and drama.
  4. Helping students acquire a sound understanding of major schools of language  analysis and literary criticism.
  5. Training students in doing academic research in accordance with standard research methodology with emphasis on creativity, and integrity.
  6. Preparing students for more advanced study.
  7. Helping students understand and relate to other cultures through analysis, critique, agreement and / or dissent.
  8. Preparing students for employment in a competitive global market.
  9. Developing the students transferable, practical, and professional skills  necessary for further study, and for success in their future careers.
  10. Providing them with the tools of accessing knowledge in their field of interest.Recruiting highly qualified faculty members who are dedicated to excellence in teaching and research.