Research Title: Design, Build, and Test of a Mobile Solar PV Generator
Author: Munzer Ebaid, Published Year: 2023
International Review of Mechanical Engineering, 17
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: Solar PV system in Jordan holds a significant potential, and studies show that solar radiation levels ranging from 2 to 7 kWh/m2 and approximately 330 sunny days per year. One of the modified designs on photovoltaic systems is the off-grid mobile PV generator system, capable of producing an electric power output up to 2kWh/day and incorporating a storage battery system as a backup. The proposed system is compact, small and can be transferred to any location easily. The PV arrays mounted on the main body can be hydraulically opened and closed to save space, ensuring high mobility, easy of construction and operation within short time. This innovative system represents an intelligent solution for numerous locations requiring electrical power such as disaster areas like flood and earthquake zones, sparsely populated regions and camping places. Moreover, This project serves as an educational, practical, and training exercise on Mechanical Engineering principles for undergraduate students. It also constitutes a high-performance engineering project, enabling engineering students to acquire knowledge in solar PV systems, engineering skills, and the freedom to express their creativity and imaginations. Ultimately, this initiative aims to foster the development of experience, skills and professionalism, cultivating “hands on engineers", and potentially contributing to the enhancement of the automotive industry in Jordan. The research work in this paper encompasses the design, construction, and test of a 1kW mobile PV generator with results demonstrating alignment with the design system.

Keywords: Mobile PV generator, Off grid, storage batteries, smart solution.

Research Title: Numerical Analysis and Modelling of the Effectiveness of Micro Wind Turbines Installed in an Electric Vehicle as a Range Extender
Author: Munzer Ebaid, Published Year: 2023
ٍُِSAE International-Journal of Electrified Vehicles, 13 (2)
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: In recent years, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) has grown rapidly, as well as public interest in them. However, the lack of sufficient range is one of the most common complaints about these vehicles, which is particularly problematic for people with long daily commutes. Thus, this article proposed a solution to this problem by installing micro wind turbines (MWTs) on EVs as a range extender. The turbines will generate electricity by converting the kinetic energy of the air flowing through the MWT into mechanical energy, which can have a reasonable effect on the vehicle aerodynamics. The article uses mathematical modelling and numerical analysis. Regarding the modelling, a detailed EV model in MATLAB/SIMULINK was developed to analyze the EV performance using various driving cycles in real time. In terms of numerical analysis, a detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model has been implemented on a sample EV (Kia Soul) and an MWT using the Moving Reference Frame (MRF) method to act as a virtual wind tunnel in order to investigate the aerodynamic performance. The optimum location for the turbines to be installed has been identified on the front bumper of the car. The MWT has been designed from scratch using Qblade and Xfoil solvers by testing many foil sections and blade parameters to find the best design for the vehicle speed range. After using the designed turbine numerical results and implementing them into the EV model in MATLAB/SIMULINK, the results become more accurate. The vehicle efficiency increased by 13.1% at the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) highway driving cycle with five MWTs installed in the front bumper of the car, and its range increased by 24 km on a full charge; however, three MWTs have been studied in the CFD analysis to investigate the effect of the system on the vehicle drag coefficient, which is considered as the main trade-off of the proposed work. The analytical and numerical errors, points of strength, and weaknesses in each method and model have been determined to verify the enti

Keywords: Electric vehicles, Range extender, Micro wind turbine, Wind energy, Drag coefficient, Moving reference frame (MRF), CFD, Aerodynamics

Research Title: Optimization of ON-grid hybrid PV/wind system for a cement factory in Kuwait using HOMER pro software
Author: Firas Abdullah Obeidat, Published Year: 2024
International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 19
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: The reliance on a single energy source leads to many problems, i.e. cost and unsustainable operation. Hybrid renewable energy systems (include more than one energy source) has been effectively shown as a feasible choice to overcome these problems. The main purpose of this research is to carry out a techno-economic optimization to minimize the size of the system with lower cost and higher reliability. This proposed ON-grid hybrid PV/wind energy system is designed to supply the electrical power of a cement factory in Kuwait. To achieve this purpose, the Hybrid Optimization of Electric Energy (HOMER Pro) software was utilized to carry out the optimization process. The results of this study show that the cost of electricity energy generated by the hybrid PV/wind energy system is equal to $0.082/kWh which is much lower when compared to the conventional fuel power plants in Kuwait which is approximately $0.12/kWh.

Keywords: photovoltaic energy; wind energy; hybrid system; renewable energy; LCOE; optimization; HOMER

Research Title: Using VR Technology at Environments of Teaching Interior Design to Promote the Level of Creativity among Students
Author: Saif Mohammad Obeidat, Published Year: 2024
Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences,
Faculty: Architecture and Design

Abstract: Objectives: This research studies Virtual Reality’s (VR) importance in teaching interior design to promote students’ creativity in educational environments. The lack of virtual reality (VR) will affect the three main parts of the educational process: learning environments, students, and interior design. The main question focuses on virtual reality’s (VR) impact on the quality of interior design and students’ thinking and creativity in educational environments. The research aims to provide information about virtual reality’s (VR) importance and how it can improve students' thinking and creativity and promote the output of interior design in educational environments. The importance of the research is to provide information on using virtual reality technology (VR) and what it leads to in improving efficiency, performance, services, improving students' thinking and creativity, and raising the outputs of interior design functionally and aesthetically in educational environments. Methods: The research followed the mixed (quantitative and qualitative) analytical descriptive approach, where information was collected and analyzed by disturbuting questionnaires (200 interior design students), conducting personal interviews (50 academic specialists), and analyzing previous studies (5 studies specialized in VR technology), leading to the results. Results: The results proved that the use of virtual reality (VR) has an impact on the functional and aesthetic interior design outputs within educational environments, and it also affects the quality of educational environments, which increases the efficiency, performance, and services of those environments, while improving the level of positive thinking. Coclusions: This research is very important for students, their creativity levels increases, and this is reflected on the educational process, and interior design in projects.

Keywords: Educational Environments, Interior Design, Student Thinking, Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Research Title: Parallelism Phonological and Semantic in Lamaite AL-Ramadi Praise of Abi Ali AL-Qali
Author: Omar Faris Yousif AlKafaween, Published Year: 2023
مجلة جامعة الخليل للبحوث, مقبول للنشر
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: The study dealt with the phenomenon of phonetic and semantic parallelism in the poem of the poet Youssef bin Harun AL-Ramadi a lamaite, which he recited in praise of Abi Ali AL-Qali, about the poet's visions and emotions, adopting the descriptive approach integrated with stylistics, For their ability to investigate the types of parallelism in the poem, and to show its artistic and objective impact, and concluded that parallelism has an effective role in achieving a regular and varied internal and external rhythm in the poem, and is linked to its connotations, and its expression of the meanings of praise and pride.

Keywords: Phonetic Parallelism, Semantic Parallelism, Lamaite AL-Ramadi.

Research Title: The Methods of Demand Construction in the Poetry of Ibn Mujbar AL- Andalusi's- Semantic Rhetoric Study
Author: Omar Faris Yousif AlKafaween, Published Year: 2023
مجلة جامعة النجاح للأبحاث (العلوم الإنسانية), 37/12
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: The study discusses the methods of demand construction in Ibn Mujber AL-Andalusi's poetry, and aimed to monitor what he used from it, to highlight its rhetorical connotations, to link it to the semantics and meanings of the texts, and to show the extent of its consistency with them, and to show their role in the building of texts objectively and artistically,Through an applied procedural study, it is based on analyzing and linking each method and its context, and not just monitoring it, using descriptive method integrated with the artistic curriculum; For their role in highlighting the functions of these methods in representing meanings, and imparting artistic values to the texts that give them poetic stemming from their ability to interpret, which leads to a multiplicity of connotations, which gives the texts movement and dynamism. The need for specialized researchers to study such linguistic and rhetorical methods and others in the poetry of some poets of Andalusia, about whom there have been few studies, and about their creativity.

Keywords: Demand Construction, Semantics, Ibn Mujber.

Research Title: The Artistic in the Poetry of Iamentation for the Kuwaiti Poet Khaled AL-Faraj
Author: Omar Faris Yousif AlKafaween, Published Year: 2023
دراسات وأبحاث المجلة العربية للأبحاث والدراسات في العلوم الإنسانية والاجتماعية, 15/2
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: The study aimed to shed light on the artistic image in the poetry of lamentation for the Kuwaiti poet Khaled Al-Faraj, and to monitor its most important sources and study it a study based on linking it with the topics of lamentation, and its harmony with them, and classifying the most prominent types of those images and their patterns related to the senses and diagnosis, based on objective analysis integrated with the curriculum technical; Because of their role in highlighting the themes of the image and its artistic characteristics, and linking it with the meanings of lamentation, and concluded that Al-Faraj succeeded in employing the image as a structural element in his poetry, and it was his means of expressing his experience and emotions, and made his texts dynamic and lively, through its ability to interpret leading to the realization of its connotations and semantics.

Keywords: Khaled AL-Faraj, Iament Poetry, Artistic Image.

Research Title: Argument in the message “The Boasts of Malaga and Sala” by Lisan Al- Deen Bin Al-Khatib
Author: Omar Faris Yousif AlKafaween, Published Year: 2023
مجلة الجامعة العربية الأمريكية للبحوث, 9/1
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: The study dealt with the argument in the message "The Boasts of Malaga and Sala" by Lisan Al-Deen Bin Al-Khatib, and introduced the message and the motives for writing then it spotted the manifestations of the argument in it, represented by the news and facts mentioned by the writer; To prove his statements regarding his preference for the city of (Málaga) over the other (Sala), then she highlighted the rhetorical and linguistic mechanisms that he used to represent, confirm and consolidate his arguments, to reach his goal of persuading and influencing the recipient. I used the tools of description and analysis, and I concluded that Ibn Al-Khatib used the argument and their manifestations and means; In order to influence the recipient and convince him of the validity of his words.

Keywords: Argument, Ibn AL-Khatib, The Boasts of Malaga and Sala.

Research Title: The Structure of the Muwashah Poems by Ibn Khatima Al-Ansari Andalusian
Author: Omar Faris Yousif AlKafaween, Published Year: 2022
مجلة العلوم العربية والإنسانية, 16/1
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: : The study dealt with the structure of the Muwashah by Ibn Khatima Al-Ansari, and it studied it thematically, semantically, and rhythmically. This was done by inspecting the two major types of the Muwashah genre: al-Tamm (complete) and Al-Aqra (incomplete), and their most important purposes such as love, winery, description of nature, asceticism, and mysticism. The study then focused on the prosodic structure of these poems based on compliance with the laws of Arabic poetry. This was detailed by highlighting the rhythms, rhymes, and phonetic structure of these poems, linking them to the significance and music of the Muwashah genre. The study had several conclusions: the complete type (Tamm) is the predominant one; most of them followed a non-poetic system, and their rhyme schemes ranged between the free and the limited, The study adopted a structural constructive method, because of its role in studying the construction of Muwashah and analyzing its rhythm and connotations.

Keywords: Ibn Khatima, Muwashah, Poetry Functions, Prosody.

Research Title: The Stylistics Repetition in the Poem "Glad Tidings Your Flags Spread Everywhere" by Ibn Zumrak Gurnaaty_ An Indicative Semantic Study
Author: Omar Faris Yousif AlKafaween, Published Year: 2023
مجلة جامعة الحسين بن طلال للبحوث, 9/1
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: The study discusses the stylistics of repetition in the poem titled " Glad Tidings: Your Flags Spread Everywhere!" by Ibn Zumrak Gurnaaty. In fact, the poet composed his verse to commend Emir "AL-Ghany Billah " who was a Sultan descending from "Bani-Ahmar" in Granada Kingdom. The most prominent manifestations of repetition in it were monitored and counted, and studied by a semantic study, which leads to the representation of the purposes of the text and its main purpose represented in praise. These manifestations were classified into repetitions related to verb forms: the past, the present, the command, and the repetition of indicatives and compositional techniques methods, and showed their role in building the text on both levels: Objective, artistic, and its impact on imparting semantic pluralism and artistic values, and adopted semantic analysis that helped the connotations of repetition and its overtones, and concluded that Ibn Zamrok invested in the method of repetition, and was able to adapt it to fit with its textual structure, and had a role in representing ideas, confirming and intensifying them, as well as Its rhythmic effect, and the poem gave him music that attracts and delights the recipient.

Keywords: Repetition, Ibn Zumrak, Manifestations of Repetition.