Research Title: Hyperthyroidism treatment by alternative therapies based on cupping and dietary-herbal supplementation: a case report
Author: Buthaina Alkhatib, Published Year: 2021
Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy,
Faculty: Science

Abstract: Objectives: Hyperthyroidismis characterized by increasing production of thyroid hormone (TH) and decreasing of thyroid stimulation hormone (TSH) secretion. The treatment of hyperthyroidism includes such as anti-thyroid drugs, radioiodine, and thyroidectomy have many side effects without complete curing results. We described a successful treatment of hyperthyroidismpatient with dietaryherbal supplementation with wet cupping without any medicine. Case presentation: A 29-years female, blood analysis showed that she had low TSH (0.012 mlU/mL), and normal levels of T3 and T4. After completing 16 weeks on Carbimazole, TSH value still low (0.024 mlU/mL) and urticaria was appeared. She decided to stop Carbimazole and try alternative therapy choices. She received wet cupping and dietary-herbal supplementations (including royal jelly, green barley grass and Taraxaf®) for two months. Notably, TSH values was increased during-after intervention and urticaria was disappeared. Conclusions: Alternative therapy could be a beneficial choice for hyperthyroidism treatment without any side effects or complications under physician supervision.

Keywords: green barley grass; hyperthyroidism; royal jelly; Taraxaf®; wet-cupping.

Research Title: Challenges of Clinical Education in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program: Student Perspectives
Author: Maha Mohammed Wahbi Atout, Published Year: 2021
The Open Nursing Journal, 15
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Introduction: Clinical education is an essential element in a baccalaureate nursing program, providing nursing students with the required knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes required to deliver professional nursing care after graduation. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to identify the challenges associated with clinical instruction from nursing student perspective. Methods: A cross-sectional design was used to identify the challenges associated with clinical instruction from nursing student perspective. Convenience sampling was used to recruit 187 nursing students from three different Universities in Jordan [one governmental and two private]. Results: The major challenges to clinical education were: fear of committing mistakes; lack of facilities for students; lack of knowledge among community and patients about the nursing profession; fear of infection; lack of availability of equipment in the clinical setting; student lack of preparedness and skill in planning care; and lack of collaboration from clinical staff. Conclusion: Understanding the identified challenges is necessary to formulate strategies to address them, to improve curriculum designed and clinical education for nursing students accordingly.

Keywords: Barriers, Challenges, Clinical education, Nursing education.

Research Title: Parental Child Rearing Practices in Palestine: A Cross-Sectional Study
Author: Maha Mohammed Wahbi Atout, Published Year: 2021
Global Pediatric Health, 8
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: The objectives of this study were to explore parenting practices from the perspectives of Palestinian parents and their children, and concordance between parents and children in their reports of parenting practices, in a culture that is underrepresented in the literature. A descriptive cross-sectional design was used. The Alabama Parenting Questionnaire (APQ) was administered to 120 parents and 120 children drawn from 4 districts in Palestine. Children had higher scores on parental involvement, positive parenting, poor monitoring, inconsistent discipline, and corporal punishment. Three significant parent–child relationships were obtained1: parental involvement (r=.276, P=.003), positive parenting (r=.0301, P=.001), and poor parental monitoring (r=−.241, P=.008). The findings of this study might be used by Palestinian authorities and policy-makers to formulate guidelines and training to aid parental decision-making about child rearing.

Keywords: child rearing, parental perception, rearing practices, school-aged children

Research Title: Modelling of Traffic Noise Along Urban Corridor: A Case Study of Amman
Author: Mohammad Khairi Younes, Published Year: 2021
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: Not published yet

Keywords: Noise modeling, Noise

Research Title: Pharmacology of Neuropeptides: Substance P, Vasoactive Intestinal Peptides, Neuropeptide Y, Calcitonin Peptides and Their Receptors
Author: Qutaiba Ahmed Ibrahim, Published Year: 2020
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Neuropeptides are responsible for the regulation of various biological activities and mediate various regulatory mechanisms associated with every organ system. They control and regulate communication between endocrine and nervous systems and are also involved in signaling between cells found in the central and peripheral nervous system. Certainly, they can modulate immunomodulation, neuroprotection, and physiological homeostasis (e.g., feeding behavior, balance of water, blood pressure, breakdown of glucose, cognition, stress response, and pain) by working as peptide hormones

Keywords: Frontiers in Pharmacology of Neurotransmitters

Research Title: Handbook on Nanobiomaterials for Therapeutics and Diagnostic Applications
Author: Qutaiba Ahmed Ibrahim, Published Year: 2021
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Recently, nanomedicines have been advanced and turned into an innovative approach for the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. In particular, the medication is being delivered to the site of action through nanoparticles wherein these transporters are significant for effective treatment or management of diseases. The diversified nanocarriers support the targeted biomolecular interaction of drugs and can reduce various side effects, thereby enabling the treatment more effectively. In this chapter, we depict the utilization of efficient nanosized carriers in nanomedicine and nanotechnology in the treatment and diagnosis, respectively. Additionally, we discuss the targeted delivery of nanodrugs in a broader context through the availability of different nanocarriers. We also give a brief outlook on various nanomedicines developed utilizing distinctive and novel nanocarriers.

Keywords: Nanocarriers in novel drug delivery system

Research Title: Carbon-carbon cross-coupling reactions of organomagnesium reagents with a variety of electrophilic substrates mediated by iron catalysts
Author: Qutaiba Ahmed Ibrahim, Published Year: 2021
Organic communications, Online
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Iron complexes are one of the most promising catalysts for carbon-carbon coupling reactions due to their relatively low cost, widespread availability as well as lower toxicity. Many researches have been successfully done to develop efficient protocols for the cross-coupling reactions of organomagnesium reagents with various substrates mediated by iron catalysts to generate a wide spectrum of important organic compounds. This review covers significant developments in iron catalyzed cross-coupling reactions over the past ten years.

Keywords: Iron catalysts; organomagnesium reagents; carbon-carbon formation; cross-coupling reactions

Research Title: Safety of COVID‐19 vaccines
Author: Qutaiba Ahmed Ibrahim, Published Year: 2021
Journal of Medical Virology, 1
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Abstract This study is aimed to identify the adverse effects associated with three types of coronavirus disease 2019 vaccines. Approximately 1736 individuals agreed to participate in this study. The participants involved in the study were individuals who had received the first dose or full course (two doses) of the vaccine at least 30 days before the survey. A direct and interactive web‐based system interview with a paper and electronic version of the questionnaire was used for all participants. A total of 1736 randomized individuals were identified. The reactogenicity of the vaccines including pain, redness, urticaria, and swelling at the site of the injection was reported in 34.56% of the participants. Local site reaction was reported in more individuals who had Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines than those who received the Sinopharm vaccine. The systemic events were more common with AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines, symptoms reported were fatigue, body pain, headache, muscle pain, fever, and gastrointestinal side effects. There were no correlations between age or gender, and the duration of the adverse effects for the three vaccines. Swelling and severe allergic reaction of the eyelids, severe hypotension, generalized body aches, shortness of breath, weakness and numbness on the injected arm, acute hyperglycemia, severe chest pain, and fever more than 39°C were among the unusual signs and symptoms reported by the participants. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Sinopharm vaccines were found to be safe and Sinopharm vaccine showed a lower prevalence of adverse effects compared with the other vaccines. The duration and severity of adverse effects were not affected by age or gender. Unusual side effects should be closely monitored to establish determine they are linked to the immunization.

Keywords: AstraZeneca vaccine, COVID‐19, Pfizer vaccine, Sinopharm vaccine, vaccine

Research Title: Micellar and polymer catalysis in the kinetics of oxidation of L-lysine by permanganate ion in perchloric acid medium
Author: Qutaiba Ahmed Ibrahim, Published Year: 2021
South African Journal of Chemistry, 75
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Kinetics of oxidation of L-lysine by permanganate ion in a perchloric acid medium was investigated to explore the order of the reaction with respect to oxidant and substrate and to study the catalytic behaviour of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). The reaction was found to be first-order with respect to the oxidant and the substrate and zero-order with respect to hydrogen ion. Changes in the sodium sulphate concentration produce a non-significant variation in the rate of the reaction. SLS and PEG were found to catalyze the reaction. Surfactant catalysis was modelled by Piszkiewicz's cooperativity model, while polymer catalysis was explained with the help of the Benesi-Hildebrand equation. The temperature dependence of the rate of the reaction was elucidated, and activation parameters were obtained. Interestingly, the reaction was found to possess positive activation entropy indicating the dissociative nature of the transition state and outer-sphere electron transfer mechanism. A mechanism of the reaction that is supported by the experimental findings was suggested.

Keywords: L-lysine, permanganate ion, micellar catalysis, polymer catalysis, outer sphere electron transfer mechanism.

Research Title: The experience of family carers of children with incurable cancer: a qualitative study from the occupied Palestinian territory
Author: Maha Mohammed Wahbi Atout, Published Year: 2021
The LANCET, 398 Suppl 1:S16
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Background: Treatments for childhood cancers have raised the survival rate, however different forms of malignancy continue to cause untimely deaths, and cancer remains a leading cause of death among children. Global research on paediatric cancer is limited for several reasons. Most research has focused on specific methodologies, including questionnaires with heterogeneous samples. In addition, many studies have covered a broad range of cancer diagnoses, and a wide range of children's ages and periods between diagnosis and treatment. These methods are unable to capture the essence of experiences and cultural differences. This study aimed to explore the experience of family carers of children with incurable cancer in occupied Palestinian territory. Methods: The study was conducted in the Paediatric Cancer Department of Beit Jala Hospital, which is the first public cancer department for children in the West Bank. The family carers of children aged 1-18 years with any type of incurable cancer in this hospital were considered eligible for participation, and the individual most involved in the care of the child was selected. To recruit participants, head nurses of medical and surgical paediatric floors provided assistance in approaching the carers of eligible children. The main objectives of the study were then discussed with the family carers. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with participants, and an interpretative phenomenological analysis approach was used to analyse the collected information. Ethical approval was obtained from the Beit Jala Hospital ethical review board and written informed consent was obtained from all participants. Findings: 14 interviews were conducted. Participants were nine mothers, four grandmothers, and one father. Family carers discussed their caring experiences, including their experiences in administering special treatments, their suffering due to treating irritable children, and the information given to them about their children's illness. Family carers reported that they changed the focus of their care from an initial emphasis on normalising their children's lives to relieving their physical and psychological discomfort. This change of focus accompanied changes in carers' understanding of their child's disease over time. As carers became more realistic regarding the future of their children, they attempted to make their lives as comfortable as possible. Finally, carers discussed the support system around them; they found several resources to support them in the care of their children, including the experiences of other parents of children with similar diseases, the hospital environment, and their religious beliefs. Nevertheless, they stated that they needed more support during this difficult time of their lives. Interpretation: There is a need to support parents of children with incurable cancer in the occupied Palestinian territory. Suggestions to improve the quality of care provided for these parents include the education and recruitment of health care professionals, including social workers and psychologists, to provide emotional and spiritual support.

Keywords: family carers, children with incurable cancer, qualitative study, the occupied Palestinian territory