Research Title: Irbid ......... towards a sustainable city
Author: Osama Kassawneh, Published Year: 2015
International Journal of Emarging Technology and Advance Engineering (IJETAE),
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: Irbid Municipality conduct Studies needed to improve the environmental level of the city , which reached the border that cannot be exceeded in harm the environment and its main components . The large area that makes up the Greater Irbid areas and number twenty-two area constitutes an area of three hundred and fifty square kilometers, which makes it difficult to manage the process in place to collect waste efficiently to stumble this sector and inefficiency due to several reasons, including:

Keywords: GIS , waste management,Privatization ,Municipality .

Research Title: GIS in Urban Planning
Author: Osama Kassawneh, Published Year: 2015
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS), 2006-2017 Scientific
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: The geographic information systems constitute the essence in many of the tasks and analyzes and the most important are those that are performed by engineers, urban planning and transportation planners. In this paper, I will present an exploratory study to illustrate the links between organic GIS and urban planning, organization and analysis of the situation of public transport and the rest of the aspects of the infrastructure.

Keywords: And so that we can work for the conclusion of this research, we must define the term planning is the scientific method to achieve the goals through the means available to the highest efficiency and achieve the goals and from here can determine the means available in the following items

Research Title: Planning Failures and the Gravity of Traffic Problem
Author: Osama Kassawneh, Published Year: 2017
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: The scup of this research is that we diagnose the mistakes made in planning for prior periods since first creation of Irbid city so easily processed by the decision-makers in Irbid Municipality and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and Transport Authority, as well as improving the standard of living of the inhabitants of this region sector. The problem is that the random in the planning process led to the following issues: - 1-houses scattered irregularly, leading to difficulty and poor delivery of services from the streets and infrastructure. 2. high and unexpected financial cost in the organization's budget. 3. unequal distribution and systematic infrastructure and services. 4. the presence of large areas not covered by public transport and essential services .

Keywords: key words :planning architecture, transportation ,geographic information system

Research Title: Advanced Architecture Building Technologies
Author: Osama Kassawneh, Published Year: 2021
6th World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium, – Prague (Czech Republic)
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: in this paper I want to clear why we should have a green house and the most important company in the word who works in this domain and the importance of owning a (BUILT GREEN) home, there will be many benefits that you can enjoy, including improved home value and preservation; Increase home durability and lower utility costs, plus you live in a healthier home with better ventilation and fewer air allergens than low or no VOCs, low or formaldehyde-free building materials, and certified floor coverings. They all contribute to a healthy indoor environment for you and your family — you can expect to breathe easily, and the severity of asthma and allergies in these homes is much lower. That is why you also contribute to a healthier outdoor environment because (BUILT GREEN) homes produce less gas emissions than a green house by requiring less energy to operate and less waste. Thus, the owner of a green house (BUILT GREEN) is more comfortable. The rooms are airtight, the windows are triple-glazed, and the ventilation is better. And greatly reduce the sound from an external source.

Keywords: A lot of thanks to Philadelphia university and for my dean which he supports me on a big scale to realize this and other efforts

Research Title: Architectural Design by using computer
Author: Osama Kassawneh, Published Year: 2021
Cities in a Changing World: Questions of Culture, Climate and Design, newyork USA
Faculty: Engineering and Technology

Abstract: This paper studies the performance improvement in the climate of the windows exposed to direct sun rays using sun breakers for different elevations by a computer program to design or evaluate any building. A Sun breaker is designed to prevent the entry of direct sun rays during a specific and period and time calculates the emergence of them on the interface and dimensions, sizes, and efficiency of the actual or design, as well as evaluating the efficiency of any built building. The program is subjected to the development and improvement to deal with the different plans, polygonal plans, or others, as slant walls, and decorative sun breakers form or otherwise. The paper concludes with an important outcome is that the computer shows the results on the screen directly. The aim of the paper is achieved through the methodology and structure composed of two parts, first a theoretical part based on theoretical studies and is an analytical approach, and the second part is inductive apply depends on the introduction of different information on the computer to get to the final results of the paper.

Keywords: Architectural Design, sun breakers, Computer programs, Evaluation.

Research Title: The Effect of Selected Traditional Herbal Combination with Royal Jelly on Kidney Function: Case Series
Author: Buthaina Alkhatib, Published Year: 2021
Annals of clinical case reports, 6
Faculty: Science

Abstract: Aim: This retrospective case study was conducted to investigate the effect of using a herbal mixture herbal mixture (which is composed of corn silk (Stigma maydis), Paronychia arabica (paronychia), Frankincense (Gum olibanum) and Asparagus racemosus roots (shatavari)) accompanied with Royal Jelly capsules on renal function assessed by serum creatinine level. Methodology: This study was conducted by reference to computer patients' files between 2015 and 2018 in Herbal Dynasty Medical Center, Amman, Jordan. A 20 cases of renal failure patients of both sexes (9 females’ and 11 males) (age range 23 to 71 years) were selected. Serum creatinine before and after the treatment were reported. Also, estimated Glomerular Filtration Rates (eGFR) were calculated. Results: Mean serum creatinine levels after herbal treatment for all selected cases were decreased by (2.8 ± 1.4) as compared to mean serum creatinine levels before the treatment (3.9 ± 1.8). The majority of patients have been transmitted from advanced stages of CKD to lower stages based on eGFR. Conclusion: The use of herbal and alternative therapies in CKD lead to a decrease of serum creatinine levels and to transition patients from advanced stages to another lower; which means that treatments enhance kidney function and decrease deterioration.

Keywords: Kidney function; Corn silk; Shatavari root; Boswellia; Gum olibanum; Royal jelly

Research Title: Anthropometric indices of obesity as predictors of high blood pressure among school children
Author: Buthaina Alkhatib, Published Year: 2021
Clinical and experimental hypertension, 1-9
Faculty: Science

Abstract: Background: Hypertension is related to increased body fat, which can be evaluated by anthropometric indicators. The aim of this study was to determine the predictive power of anthropometric indicators and to establish their cutoff points as discriminators of high blood pressure. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 793 schoolchildren aged 10–14 years. Six anthropometric indices were used: body mass index-z-score (BMI-z-score), waist circumference (WC), waist-toheight ratio (WHtR), a body shape index (ABSI), body roundness index (BRI) and conicity index (CI). Elevated blood pressure (EBP) and hypertension (HTN) were characterized by values ≥ 90th and <95thpercentile and ≥ 95th percentile for systolic and/or diastolic blood pressure, respectively. The predictive power of anthropometric indices was analyzed by sex using the receiver operating characteristic curve(ROC). Results: The prevalence of EBP and HTN was 11.0% and 14.8%, respectively. According to the analyses of the ROC curve, WC provided the largest area under the curve (AUC) value, while CI showed the lowest AUC value in predicting elevated blood pressure in the total sample. The BMI z-score provided the largest area under the curve (AUC) value (0.722), followed by WHtR (0.709) and BRI (0.709), in predicting hypertension in boys. Conclusions: BMI z-score and WC may be the best predictors of EBP and BMI z-score for HTN among Jordanian schoolchildren.

Keywords: Obesity; anthropometric indices; schoolchildren; high blood pressure; prediction

Author: Nashat Ali Al-Masri, Published Year: 2021
Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences, Volume 24, Issue 7
Faculty: Business

Abstract: This research investigates the role of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) in enhancing the quality of external audit procedures. An empirical survey was conducted to gather the data using online questionnaire to achieve the research aim about how AIS influence the quality of external audit procedures. The research hypotheses were tested regression analysis. The findings illustrate that there is a statistically significant impact of the availability of appropriate AIS in improving some aspects of the external audit quality. This research highlighted that external auditors believe the significant function of AIS on the quality of external audit procedures. The results also show how AIS can enhance the quality of external audit performance. The findings also illustrate that elements and applications of AIS contribute significantly to improve the quality of the external audit procedures (the planning for the audit process, audit testing procedures, risk assessments, implementation of the audit), which indicates the availability of components computer and technology Due to the recent development in IAS and the use of computerized systems and applications in the audit process and the importance of the study stems from the lack of such studies related to the extent of the role of using AIS on the external auditing process. AIS are assumed to improve audited accounting information and external audit procedures for audit firms.

Keywords: Accounting information System; Quality of external audit procedures; Information technology

Research Title: Context Prediction of Highways Based on The Vehicular Traffic Distribution
Author: Maram Bani Younes, Published Year: 2021
IEEE International Conference on Communications,
Faculty: Information Technology

Abstract: Traffic distribution over highways affects several applications and functionalities of traveling vehicles. The level of traffic congestion has been scaled over road networks based on the traffic density, traveling speed or estimated traveling time of the investigated road scenario. These measurements have been used individually or combined with other parameters to indicate the level of the traffic congestion on certain road scenario. In this paper, we propose a context-aware traffic prediction technique. It predicts the context of the highway scenarios in terms of the existence of obstacles, broken vehicles, or entrance/exit points based on the distribution of vehicles' traveling speed. From the experimental study, we can see that the proposed protocol have succeeded to predict the context of the highway. Our results indicate that our propose scheme exhibit good performance based upon an extensive set of simulation experiments.

Keywords: Context predictions; Context-Aware; Network-based; Road network; Traffic densities; Traffic distributions; Traffic prediction; Traveling time; Traveling vehicle; VANET

Research Title: Towards a Sustainable Highway Road-based Driving Protocol for Connected and Self-Driving Vehicles
Author: Maram Bani Younes, Published Year: 2021
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing,
Faculty: Information Technology

Abstract: Fuel consumption and gas emissions of traveling vehicles have become of great consideration for green environmental researchers. Several technologies have been developed to enhance the efficiency of daily traveling vehicles in terms of fuel consumption. Moreover, many protocols have been developed to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of traveling vehicles. However, most of these protocols were dedicated to downtown and urban areas, since they are considered more consuming scenarios. Drivers spend a long time traveling over highways toward a targeted destination. Small mistakes could lead to greater fuel consumption; the percentage of extra fuel consumption can be drastically increased when drivers repeatedly make the same efficiency mistakes during their trips. In this work, we aim to introduce a green protocol to assist drivers and self-driving vehicles to drive efficiently over highways in order to reduce the fuel economy and gas emission of their vehicles. This protocol is designed to keep the speed of the traveling gasoline vehicles steady as much as possible in order to save energy and enhance efficiency. It also smooths the acceleration and deceleration reactions of vehicles when required. The performance of the proposed protocol has been evaluated using an extensive set of experiments.

Keywords: Green protocol, Driving assistant protocol, Efficient protocol, Fuel consumption, Gas emission, Highway.