Research Title: State of the Art of Mobile Learning in Jordanian Higher Education: An Empirical Study
Author: Lamis Al-Qoran, Published Year: 2023
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 7
Faculty: Information Technology

Abstract: A new approach to learning is mobile learning (m-learning), which makes use of special features of mobile devices in the education sector. M-learning is becoming increasingly common in higher education institutions all around the world. The use of mobile devices for education and learning has also gained popularity in Jordan. Unlike studies about Jordan, there are many studies that thoroughly analyze the situation of m-learning in other countries. Thus, it is important to understand the current situation of m-learning at Jordanian universities, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been some studies conducted prior to COVID-19 and a few studies after COVID-19, there is a need for a comprehensive study that provides an in-depth exploration of the current situation, student adoption, benefits, disadvantages, and challenges, particularly following COVID-19. Therefore, this study utilizes a sequential exploratory mixed research method to investigate the current state of the art of m-learning in Jordanian higher education with a particular focus on student adoption, benefits, disadvantages, and challenges. Firstly, the study explores the existing literature on m-learning and conducts 15 interviews with educators and learners in three Jordanian universities to gain insights into their experiences with m-learning. The study then distributes a survey to students at four Jordanian universities, representing both public and private universities, to generalize the results from the qualitative study. Additionally, the study investigates the relationship between student enrollment in public/private universities and the adoption of m-learning. The study came to the conclusion that students have a positive opinion of m-learning and are also willing to use it. However, there are a number of disadvantages and challenges to its adoption. Additionally, there is a relationship between student enrolment in public/private universities and the adoption of m-learning. These findings have important implications for institutions that want to incorporate m-learning into their undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as they aid decision-makers in these universities in creating frameworks that may be able to meet the needs of m-learning.

Keywords: educational mobile applications; mobile learning; Jordanian higher education; perceptions; adoption

Research Title: The effect of adherence therapy on medication adherence, health beliefs, self‐efficacy, and depressive symptoms among patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder
Author: Fadwa Al-Halaiqa, Published Year: 2023
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, https://doi.org/10.
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Medication adherence is a crucial health issue in major depressive disorder (MDD) that requires regular monitoring and attention. Hence, there are multiple reasons for medication non-adherence among them. This study aimed to examine the effect of adherence therapy (AT) on medication adherence, health beliefs, self-efficacy, and depressive symptoms among patients diagnosed with MDD. One group pretest-posttest, repeated measures time-series design was conducted. A sample of 32 patients was recruited conveniently; they received eight weekly sessions of AT. A self-reported questionnaire was used to measure variables. The analysis showed that the mean scores of the baseline indicated non-adherence, moderate general benefits beliefs about the medication, high beliefs that medication is harmful, high beliefs that doctors overuse medication, high beliefs about potential adverse effects from medication, low perception of MDD severity, and high threatening perception regarding MDD, a moderate degree of confidence in the ability to taking medications, and patients had moderately severe depressive symptoms (M = 16, 3.2, 3.1, 4.1, 3.8, 50, 3, 16 respectively). Over four measurement points, adherence therapy enhanced positive beliefs towards taking medication and illness, increased medication adherence self-efficacy, improved medication adherence, and decreased depressive symptoms (F = 68.57–379.2, P < 0.001). These improvements were clinically significant in all variables immediately post-AT but declined minimally over time. The study indicated that integrating AT as part of the pre-discharge protocol is one core component to sustaining positive healthcare outcomes. Continuous efforts should be paid in terms of the long-term sustainability of an intervention to enhance adherence and clinical outcomes

Keywords: Adherence, Medication, depression, beliefs

Research Title: Missed nursing care before and during the COVID‐19 pandemic: A comparative cross‐sectional study
Author: Fadwa Al-Halaiqa, Published Year: 2023
International Nursing Review, 70
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Aim This study aimed to compare perception of nurses about missed care for the patients before and during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Jordan. It also examined how nurses differed in terms of the type of missed care and the factors that contributed to it before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, socio-demographic factors, including gender, educational level, length of clinical experience, work position, age, and type of shift, were examined to evaluate their association with missed nursing care. Background Missed nursing care refers to omission of any aspect of required patient care. Missed care lowers patient satisfaction and also leads to adverse hospital outcomes. Methods We adopted a cross-sectional design among 260 nurses working in medical/surgical wards and intensive care units. Views of 130 nurses before COVID-19 were compared with views of 130 nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We used the Arabic version of the MISSCARE survey. Data were collected between November 2019 and May 2020. Results During COVID-19, nurses had significantly higher satisfaction levels and lower levels of absence and intention to leave than nurses before the COVID-19 pandemic. Differences were observed between nurses’ perceptions of missed care before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was observed that missed nursing care increased during COVID-19. The inadequate number of staff nurses was the main reason for missed care activities among both groups. Additionally, age and shift type were significantly associated with an increased reason for missed nursing care among both groups. Conclusion and implications for nursing Nurses reported higher satisfaction levels and fewer absences and planned departures during this period. Nurse managers should pay attention by maintaining high satisfaction levels and formulating appropriate policies to reduce missed care levels and thus improve patient care quality.

Keywords: Missed Nursing Care, COVID-19

Research Title: Adherence to Antidepressants Medication Among Patients with Depression in Oman: A Cross-Sectional Study
Author: Fadwa Al-Halaiqa, Published Year: 2023
Clinical Schizophrenia & Related Psychoses, 17s
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Aim: Poor adherence to medication can be a major barrier to the successful management of depression. This study aimed to explore the level of medication adherence among patients with depression in Oman. Design: This cross-sectional study enrolled 206 participants with depression who completed the Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS) and a demographics sheet. Results: The average adherence score was 5.8 (SD=1.7, Mdn=6). Patients who lived with their families had significantly higher adherence levels to medication (mean (m) =6.76; SD=2.11) compared with their counterparts who lived alone (m=5.75, SD=1.63). Patients who did not have a chronic illness had significantly better adherence to medication (m=6.04; SD=1.63) compared with participants without chronic illnesses. Conclusion: Low medication adherence is a significant problem for many patients with depression. There are a number of factors that influence adherence, including family support and chronic illnesses. Healthcare providers should provide clear and accurate information about the condition and treatment, involve patients in decision making, address the stigma surrounding mental illness and involve family members in the treatment plan.

Keywords: Depression, Adherence, Medication

Research Title: [HTML] from plos.org Full View The effect of COVID-19 vaccine tele-educational program on vaccine hesitancy and receiving the vaccine among women planning for pregnancy, pregnant or breast-feeding mothers
Author: Fadwa Al-Halaiqa, Published Year: 2023
PLOS one, 18
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Background COVID-19 hesitancy among women planning to become pregnant, who are pregnant, and who are breast-feeding is still a global phenomenon. Unfortunately, there is a lack of national educational programs that provide those groups of people with the information they need about the vaccine. Objective This study investigated the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine tele-educational program on vaccine hesitancy and receiving the vaccine among women planning for pregnancy, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. Methods This study implemented a quasi-experimental pre-post design and was conducted in Jordan. It was a two-time study and had two groups of women; 220 women participated in the control group, and 205 women participated in the intervention group (those received the tele-educational program). All participating women answered the demographic characteristics sheet and the Arabic version of Hesitancy About COVID-19 Vaccination Questionnaire twice. Results Results showed that after conducting the program the interventional group reported significantly higher vaccination rate and lower mean score of hesitancy than the control group (M = 24.67, SD = 5.11; M = 27.45, SD = 4.92; respectively) t (423) = -4.116, p-value < 0.001. Moreover, before the program, women in the intervention group reported significantly higher levels of hesitancy compared to those in the same group after the program (M = 28.35, SD = 4.91; M = 24.66, SD = 5.11; respectively) t (204) = 17.83, p-value < 0.001. Conclusions The study concluded that awareness of pregnant women after being given the tele-education program about COVID …

Keywords: COVID-19, tele-educational program, vaccine hesitancy, pregnancy

Research Title: 5-Fluorouracil Delivery Using Smart Carriers
Author: Mohammad Bayan, Published Year: 2023
Global E-Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, E-Conference
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: This study focused on creating a novel, one-pot delivery system for FU to treat colorectal cancer using methacrylate derivatives. Increasing patient compliance, lowering dosage requirements, and reducing undesired side effects can all improve the therapeutic outcome of the regimen. Six polymer-based pellets containing FU as a model drug were successfully created utilizing a thermal bulk polymerization process based on the HA and MA monomers. The drug-loaded formulations had a good drug entrapment efficiency of around 90%. The EA concentration greatly enhanced the Young's modulus, glass transition temperature, and tensile strength, but it significantly lowered the tensile elongation at the break value. By raising the crosslinker concentration, the pellets' in vitro swelling behavior was dramatically reduced. Less than 30% cumulative drug release was attained for all formulations after 5 hours of starting the release study. After 24 hours, 70% of a drug's total cumulative release was achieved. The created drug delivery system showed the ability to delay the release of 5-fluorouracil under conditions that mimicked the upper gastrointestinal tract while allowing its release in a regulated manner afterwards, which makes it promising for the prospective administration of 5-fluorouracil to the colon.

Keywords: Sustainability; Smart Carriers; Triggered Delivery; Colorectal Carcinoma

Research Title: Examining the Impact of Corporate Governance on Investors and Investee Companies: Evidence from Yemen
Author: Jafer Maroof Al Sawalhah, Published Year: 2023
Faculty: Business

Abstract: Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine whether corporate governance is an important and effective technique for enhancing investors’ confidence in existing and prospective companies and for creating opportunities for safe investment in Yemen. A survey was conducted among certified public accountants to assess the importance of corporate governance. We employed regression analysis to test our hypothesis. According to the results of the study, corporate governance is an essential component of success for companies, and those firms that apply corporate governance best practices are highly regarded. Additionally, the findings suggest that regulators, policymakers, and standard-setters should raise awareness of the importance of protecting shareholders’ rights by providing seminars and courses for Yemeni media, unions, and professional associations. Moreover, in an environment of uncertainty there is a reluctance to invest and a prevalent tendency to invest in real estate. Furthermore, the results indicate that corporate governance is not practiced by all companies but only to a limited extent by some joint-stock companies. Most of the Yemeni companies that have adopted CG are joint-stock companies, so investors prefer to invest in these companies. The findings of this study provide valuable insights for regulators, practitioners, and academicians. We recommend that this survey be extended to a larger sample, including supervisory managers of companies. This study provides an insightful contribution, because it clarifies the importance of corporate governance for Yemeni investors and investee companies.

Keywords: transparency; awareness; disclosure; investee companies; investor protection; corporate governance in Y

Research Title: Use of 3-dimensional imaging and manufacturing for bilateral auricular prostheses: A case series of six patients with congenital auricular defects
Author: Heba Mohammad Ahmad Hatamlah, Published Year: 2022
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry,
Faculty: Business

Abstract: The prosthetic reconstruction of unilateral ear deformity is a straightforward procedure which relies on copying the details, position, and symmetry of the existing contralateral ear. However, reconstructing bilaterally missing ears is challenging. The use of 3-dimensional (3D) technology in the prosthetic reconstruction of the bilaterally missing ears of 6 patients is described. The deformity site was created directly by segmenting the patient's digital scan or indirectly via a desktop scanner. Adequate bone quantity and quality for implant retention and optimal implant locations were also identified virtually. The use of 3D technologies has made it more straightforward to accomplish ear symmetry, as well as to validate the orientation and location of the ears reliably with the minimum subjectivity. The printed ears were matched in shape, surface texture, and anatomy. The skin color was straightforward to record and store so that it could be reproduced at a future time. Overall, the digital manufacture of the ears was controlled, consistent, and reproducible.

Keywords: 3D technologies, bilateral auricular, congenital defects

Research Title: The impact of technological change on organizational productivity and customer satisfaction: A case study of a number of factories operating in Jordan
Author: Ahmad Al-Ghoul, Published Year: 2023
توجهات منظمات الأعمال في ظل التحولات الرقمية: الاقتصادية والقانونية والإعلامية, جامعة الزرقاء
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the impact of technological change on organizational productivity and customer satisfaction. The study sample consisted of 220 employees who worked in some factories operating in Jordan. A questionnaire was designed for this purpose, and the Cronbach was (0.803). The study results found that that there is an impact of technological change on organizational productivity and customer satisfaction. The employees feel strongly that both the organizational productivity and the customer satisfaction affected by the impact of technological change. It was found that there is a statistical significant impact due to the age, job and place of the employees of technological change on organizational productivity. Furthermore, results indicate that there is statistical significance due to the experience of the employees, the employees of experience from 5 years to less than 10 years feel more than the employees with experience less than 5 years that there is an impact of technological change on customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Keywords: Technological, Productivity, Satisfaction, Jordanian factories.

Research Title: Job satisfaction in emergency departments: a comparative study of public and private hospitals
Author: Audi Naji Khaled Al Smadi, Published Year: 2022
British Journal of Healthcare Management.,
Faculty: Business

Abstract: Abstract Background/Aims Evaluating job satisfaction levels among healthcare staff can inform decision making for managers. Various factors can affect job satisfaction. This study investigated and compared job satisfaction among healthcare staff working in private and public emergency departments in Jordan. Methods A self‑administered questionnaire was distributed to 475 staff members, of which 286 were returned and analysed (50% from private hospitals). Descriptive analysis, independent sample t-tests and multiple regression analysis were used to compare the results based on hospital type and participant characteristics. Results Staff working in public emergency departments had significantly lower levels of job satisfaction than those working in private emergency departments (P<0.001). The lowest scoring domain across both groups was promotion and compensation. Doctors were more likely to have low job satisfaction than staff in other job roles. Conclusions Assessing job satisfaction is important for ensuring staff wellbeing and retention. Further research is needed to understand why staff in public hospitals have lower levels of job satisfaction and what could be done to address this.

Keywords: Emergency department; Healthcare worker; Job satisfaction; Private hospitals