Research Title: ‎A Feature Model Based Configuration Reuse for Context-aware Systems‎
Author: Said Ahmad Ammar Ghoul, Published Year: 2021
Computers, Materials & Continua ‎, Under press
Faculty: Information Technology

Abstract: Most of Self-Adaptive Systems (SAS) use Feature Models (FMs) to represent their complex ‎architecture and benefit from reusing commonalities and variability information. However ‎triggering SAS reconfiguration process, each time a system needs to be adapted, continues to ‎cost time and effort. Current FM techniques have modelled SAS concepts, focusing on ‎representing and reusing elementary features without taking into consideration modelling and ‎reusing configurations. This work presents an extension to the FM in order to remedy this ‎important problem by introducing and managing the configuration feature. Evaluation shows that ‎the reuse of configuration feature reduces reconfiguration process effort and time during the run ‎time in order to meet the required scenario according to the context. ‎

Keywords: Self-Adaptive system, Feature Model, System reuse, Configuration management, Variability ‎modelling‎

Research Title: تطبيقات محاسبية وإحصائية باستخدام برنامج إكسل
Author: Yousef Ali Hroot, Published Year: 2016
Faculty: Business

Abstract: https://www.noor-book.com/book/review/505917

Keywords: تطبيقات محاسبية وإحصائية باستخدام برنامج إكسل

Research Title: The impact of organizational storytelling on organizational performance within Jordanian telecommunication sector
Author: Atef Al-Raoush, Published Year: 2020
Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 32 No. 5, pp.
Faculty: Business

Abstract: Purpose This study aims to assess the impact of organizational storytelling on organizational performance by undertaking telecommunication companies located in the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan. Design/methodology/approach A quantitative design has been adopted to identify the impact of organizational storytelling on organizational performance, recruiting 460 employees at managerial levels from three telecom companies (Umniah, Zain and Orange). A step-wise regression analysis has been applied to analyze the data collected using a close-ended structured questionnaire. Findings A total of 284 male and 176 female employees took part in the study. The study has found a positive and significant impact of organizational learning, change management, corporate culture, training and development and leadership and indicated that these determinants positively related to organizational performance. Findings …

Keywords: Change management, Organizational Performance, Corporate Culture, Leadership, Training and development

Research Title: Impact of Financial Management on Improving Quality at Jordanian Public University Hospitals
Author: Atef Al-Raoush, Published Year: 2020
Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, Vol. 19, No. 03, 205
Faculty: Business

Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of financial management on improving quality at the public university hospitals in Jordan. We used a quantitative method with a sample of 220 public university hospital staff. Using simple linear regression analysis, we showed via our findings a significant impact of the financial management dimension on the quality management dimension. These findings emphasise that using a proficient financial management system would improve the quality of services and overall organisational performance in the Jordanian public healthcare sector.

Keywords: Public administration financial management quality management public university hospitals Jordan

Research Title: The lived experience of family members who care for children with cancer: An interpretative phenomenological approach
Author: Maha Mohammed Wahbi Atout, Published Year: 2021
European Journal of Nursing Oncology , NA
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Purpose This study aimed to explore the lived experiences of family carers in the care of children with cancer. Method A phenomenological hermeneutic approach was conducted, informed by the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Fourteen interviews were conducted with family members: mothers (n = 9), grandmothers and fathers (n = 5). Fourteen family carers were voluntarily enrolled from a public children's oncology department in Bethlehem in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) was used to analyze the data. Results Three major themes emerged from the data analysis. The first theme was the caring experience, which included three subthemes: changing priorities over time, information given about children's illness, and parents suffering due to treating irritable children. The second theme was the challenges to effective care, which illustrates the most significant challenges faced during caring, including the effects of family relations and emotional support. The final theme was around the support system; family carers found several resources to support them in their children's care, including other parents' experiences with similar diseases, the hospital environment, and their religious beliefs. Conclusions This study informs parents and healthcare providers about the daily lived experiences of family carers. Healthcare providers can fulfil a significant role in giving emotional support and relief to family carers. However, they will need continuous practise to equip them with the communication skills they require to deal with the family carers in these difficult situations.

Keywords: Family carers children cancer experience phenomenology

Research Title: The Nature of the Relationship between Money Supply and Inflation in the Jordanian Economy (1980–2019)
Author: Atif Issa Batarseh, Published Year: 2021
banks and bank systems, 16 issue 1
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: The current study aims at investigating and analyzing the relation between money supply (M1) and inflation in the Jordanian economy during the period of 1980–2019. In order to achieve the goal of the study, the methodology of econometric analysis of time series was utilized through the following tests: Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) to test the stability of the study variables, Johansen’s Cointegration Approach to determine the long-term equilibrium relationship between the study variables, and Granger Causality Test to determine the direction of the causal relationship if it exists in the short term. The results of the study demonstrate that inflation has stabilized at the level, while the money supply M1 was unstable at a level and stabilized after taking the first difference. The results of the Cointegration test indicated that there was no causal link between the money supply M1 and inflation in the long term. Finally, the results of Granger Causality presented a unidirectional causality running from the money supply M1 to inflation in the short term, meaning that money supply causes inflation, not vice versa; this means that the money supply M1 can explain the changes that occur in the consumer price index (CPI) in the Jordanian economy. The study recommends that monetary authority in Jordan should have greater control over the money supply because of its impact on the stability of the general level of prices, in order to avoid a repeat of the 1989 crisis represented by the hard decline of the dinar exchange rate against other currencies and the increase in the inflation rate that year to 25.6 %.

Keywords: Money Supply M1, Inflation, ADF Test, Causality Test, Co-Integration Test, Jordanian Economy.

Research Title: Haploinsufficiency of PRR12 causes a spectrum of neurodevelopmental, eye, and multisystem abnormalities
Author: Tawfiq Froukh, Published Year: 2021
Faculty: Science

Abstract: PURPOSE: Proline Rich 12 (PRR12) is a gene of unknown function with suspected DNA-binding activity, expressed in developing mice and human brains. Predicted loss-of-function variants in this gene are extremely rare, indicating high intolerance of haploinsufficiency. METHODS: Three individuals with intellectual disability and iris anomalies and truncating de novo PRR12 variants were described previously. We add 21 individuals with similar PRR12 variants identified via matchmaking platforms, bringing the total number to 24. RESULTS: We observed 12 frameshift, 6 nonsense, 1 splice-site, and 2 missense variants and one patient with a gross deletion involving PRR12. Three individuals had additional genetic findings, possibly confounding the phenotype. All patients had developmental impairment. Variable structural eye defects were observed in 12/24 individuals (50%) including anophthalmia, microphthalmia, colobomas, optic nerve and iris abnormalities. Additional common features included hypotonia (61%), heart defects (52%), growth failure (54%), and kidney anomalies (35%). PrediXcan analysis showed that phecodes most strongly associated with reduced predicted PRR12 expression were enriched for eye- (7/30) and kidney- (4/30) phenotypes, such as wet macular degeneration and chronic kidney disease. CONCLUSION: These findings support PRR12 haploinsufficiency as a cause for a novel disorder with a wide clinical spectrum marked chiefly by neurodevelopmental and eye abnormalities.

Keywords: PRR12

Research Title: In Silico Screening of Natural Phytoconstituents Towards Identification of Potential Lead Compounds to Treat COVID-19
Author: Mohammad Bayan, Published Year: 2021
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 8
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: COVID-19 is one of the members of the coronavirus family that can easily assail humans. As of now, 10 million people are infected and above two million people have died from COVID-19 globally. Over the past year, several researchers have made essential advances in discovering potential drugs. Up to now, no efficient drugs are available on the market. The present study aims to identify the potent phytocompounds from different medicinal plants (Zingiber officinale, Cuminum cyminum, Piper nigrum, Curcuma longa, and Allium sativum). In total, 227 phytocompounds were identified and screened against the proteins S-ACE2 and Mpro through structure-based virtual screening approaches. Based on the binding affinity score, 30 active phytocompounds were selected. Amongst, the binding affinity for beta-sitosterol and beta-elemene against S-ACE2 showed −12.0 and −10.9 kcal/mol, respectively. Meanwhile, the binding affinity for beta-sitosterol and beta-chlorogenin against Mpro was found to be −9.7 and −8.4 kcal/mol, respectively. Further, the selected compounds proceeded with molecular dynamics simulation, prime MM-GBSA analysis, and ADME/T property checks to understand the stability, interaction, conformational changes, binding free energy, and pharmaceutical relevant parameters. Moreover, the hotspot residues such as Lys31 and Lys353 for S-ACE2 and catalytic dyad His41 and Cys145 for Mpro were actively involved in the inhibition of viral entry. From the in silico analyses, we anticipate that this work could be valuable to ongoing novel drug discovery with potential treatment for COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID-19, main protease, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Natural medicinal plants, S-ACE2, Structure-based virtual screening

Research Title: الإصلاح السياسي في الأردن: قراءة في تجربة اللامركزية لعام 2017
Author: Muwafaq Abu Hammoud, Published Year: 2021
مجلة الجامعة الإسلامية للدراسات الإنسانية, vol.29 No.2 pp 111-1
Faculty: Arts

Abstract: تحاول دراستنا هذه تسليط الضوء على تجربة اللامركزية التي أجراها الأردن في شهر آب لعام 2017 بعد انتخابات مجالس المحافظات، وفقاً لقانون اللامركزية رقم (49) لعام 2015، باعتبارها جزءاً من الإصلاحات السياسية والقانونية والإدارية التي أجراها النظام السياسي الأردني منذ العام 2011، والتي من شأنها إقامة دولة المواطنة، وسيادة القانون، وتكافؤ الفرص، وتوسيع مساحة المشاركة في صنع القرار، وتعزيز ثقة الموطن بالحكومات ومؤسساتها، ولإيجاد مجالس محافظات تحدد الأولويات التنموية والخدماتية في مناطقهم. وتُعد اللامركزية عملية إصلاح سياسي، ومن أهم التدابير الإصلاحية في مجال الحكم. وتهدف اللامركزية إلى تحويل محافظات المملكة إلى وحدات تنموية، الأمر الذي يخفف العبء على الحكومة المركزية في لعب دور الممول والمجهز والموفر للخدمات، خاصة في ظل عدم قدرة الحكومات المتعاقبة في تحقيق التنمية، وفي إدارة الشؤون المحلية بشكل يحقق العدالة والمساواة في توزيع الموارد. واعتمدت الدراسة على المنهج الوصفي في تتبع ورصد تجربة اللامركزية لعام 2017 باعتبارها نوعاً من الإصلاح السياسي، كما اعتمدت على المنهج التاريخي في عرض وتحليل تطور اللامركزية ومعطياتها منذ بدأ عملية التحول الديمقراطي في الأردن منذ العام 1989. وأظهرت الدراسة أن تطبيق اللامركزية في الأردن يبدو ليس بالأمر السهل من الناحية السياسية، خاصة أن الإصلاح السياسي ليس من أولويات واهتمامات الحكومات الأردنية المتعاقبة، وأن الإصلاحات ما زالت تدار بالطرق التقليدية دون وجود إرادة سياسية حقيقية وواضحة للتشاركية المجتمعية الفعلية في اتخاذ القرارات.

Keywords: اللامركزية، السلطة المركزية، الإصلاح السياسي، مجالس المحافظات.

Research Title: Perceptions of nurses about reporting medication administration errors in Jordanian hospitals: A qualitative study
Author: Maha Mohammed Wahbi Atout, Published Year: 2021
Applied Nursing Research , In press
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: Introduction: Reporting Medication Errors (MEs) is a critical issue that confronts healthcare providers and institutions all over the world, yet this issue has only recently been examined in developing countries. Purpose: To explore the perceptions of Jordanian nurses around reporting MEs and to identify potential barriers to reportage in their context. Methodology: A qualitative descriptive approach was followed; whereby24 Jordanian nurses were interviewed. Results: Two main themes emerged. The first revolved around nurses' perceptions of ME reporting, and the second theme pertained to the daily barriers that prevented them from reporting MEs. Conclusion: This study identified many individual behaviors and system defects that exacerbate the lack of ME reporting in Jordan. The results point to an opportunity for Jordanian hospital managers to acknowledge these problems and thereby facilitate their resolution and increase the quality of healthcare in their organizations.

Keywords: Medication errors Error reporting Nurses Barriers to reporting Jordan Qualitative