Research Title: The Perceptions of Palestinian Health Professionals toward Factors Facilitating or Impeding the Prevention of Home Injuries among Young Children: A Qualitative Study
Author: Maha Mohammed Wahbi Atout, Published Year: 2021
Faculty: Nursing

Abstract: ABSTRACT Background: Unintentional injuries are a major global health problem that affects children considerably. Such injuries are most common among under-fives and this places a significant burden on healthcare systems, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. In Palestine, there is a paucity of research in this area. Aim: To explore health professionals’ perceptions regarding factors affecting the prevention of home injuries to children aged below five in Ramallah. Methods: A qualitative approach was adopted, employing semistructured interviews with 24 health professionals who worked with children in a primary health care setting. Data were analysed using thematic analysis. Results: Three types of factors that facilitated or impeded the prevention of home injuries emerged: health professional-related factors, i.e. lack of training, workload, and team collaboration; parent-related factors, i.e. low economic status, lack of awareness, and the mothers’ employment status; and environmental factors, i.e. home size and structure, lack of data, low prioritisation among policymakers, lack of funds, and the political situation. Conclusions: The findings of this study suggest that continuous education and specialised training of healthcare professionals is imperative to their pivotal role in increasing the awareness of parents and children about the prevention of home injuries, mainly in healthcare settings with limited resources such as Palestine

Keywords: Unintentional home injuries; health professionals; children under five; palestine

Research Title: Application of FT-IR Microspectroscopy in the Investigation of the Stratum Corneum Barrier Function
Author: Randa Shehda Mansour, Published Year: 2016
Biophysical Society 60th Annual Meeting, USA
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: FT-IR microspectroscopy is acombination of FT-IR spectroscopy and optical microscopy in whichthe samples are magnified by the optical microscope, while infrared spectroscopy provides information on molecular chemistry. This combination has proven to be a highly beneficial technique with wide potential of applications principally in the biological and biomedical research areas in which samples of high complexity and intrinsic heterogeneity are investigated. Recently, IR microspectroscopy has been introduced as a powerful tool for investigation of whole skin and stratum corneum (SC) composition and heterogeneity; it also represents a method to study the effect of penetration enhancement approaches on the biochemical properties of the SC, giving important information related to the mechanism through which penetration enhancers modulate the barrier function of the SC. Visualization of the percutaneous permeation of exogenous agents is also feasible by this technique. The biochemical composition of the SC has important implications for understanding its barrier function hence, the impact of some penetration enhancers on the biochemical composition and structural alterations of the SC,mainly lipids and proteins, is illustrated in this study. Specific regions of the IR spectrum of the SC are sensitive to lipid chain conformational order and packing, and protein secondary structure thus; very useful information can be obtained concerning alteration of the structural properties of the endogenous skin components and themechanisms of penetration enhancement.Large numberof IRspectra for each investigated samplewere obtained by IRmapping technique and principal component analysis, in the form of score and loadings plots, was performed to analyze the results. Changes in the structure of the SC was also observed using other techniques like differential scanning calorimetry and permeation studies.

Keywords: IR microspectroscopy , stratum corneum

Author: Randa Shehda Mansour, Published Year: 2020
Systematic Rreviews in Pharmacy, 11
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the knowledge of pharmacy students and community pharmacists regarding etiology, symptoms, medications, prevention and history of asthma to correlate with the needs of training and years of experience and their impacts on patient. Methodology and design: This study was a cross sectional randomized study, involved pharmacy students in their last year from Philadelphia University-Amman, and different community pharmacists. Data was collected from 400 pharmacy students and 200 community pharmacists with different years of experience. Conclusion: Community pharmacists have good impact on patients with asthma; especially after having more than 6 years’ experience. Well-trained pharmacists with asthma knowledge of optimal device technique and medication maintenance in addition to good communication skills reduces the rate of hospital admission and improve quality of life for asthmatic patients

Keywords: Asthma, Knowledge, pharmacist, pharmacy students

Research Title: HPLC method development/validation and skin diffusion study of caffeine, methyl paraben and butyl paraben as skin –diffusing model drugs
Author: Randa Shehda Mansour, Published Year: 2021
Plos One, doi.org/10.1371/jour
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: The focus of this research was to develop and validate a suitable HPLC method, which allows simultaneous determination of three proposed skin model penetrants to investigate the percutaneous diffusion behavior of their combination: caffeine, methyl paraben and butyl paraben. These penetrants were selected because they represent a wide range of lipophilicities. This model highlights the effect of combining penetrants of different molecular properties on their diffusion behavior through skin. The proposed method employed a gradient system that was systematically optimized for separation and quantification of the penetrants. The effect of the stationary phase (C18, C4 and cyano (CN)) was assessed with CN proven to be superior in terms of peak shape, retentivity and dynamic linear range. Significant differences in retention time, peak broadening, and quantifiability between different stationary phases could be demonstrated. The method was validated as per ICH guidelines Q2 (R1) with a satisfactory outcome. The method was successfully applied for real diffusion experiments, and revealed notable differences between the individual penetrants and their ternary mixture on transdermal permeation. The method could potentially be extended to determine these analytes in other related skin permeation investigations.

Keywords: HPLC, simultaneous; caffeine; parabens; in-vitro diffusion, stratum corneum

Research Title: Effect of Olea europaeaL. and Juglans regiaL. Extracts on Human Cancer Cell Line Viability with Studying ofHypoglycemic and Antiglycation Properties
Author: Raida W. Khalil, Published Year: 2021
Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 33
Faculty: Science

Abstract: here is an urgent and continuous need to discover new sources of medicinal plants to obtain useful compounds with health properties. So the purpose of this study was to investigate activity of OleaeuropaeaL and Juglans regia leaves extract on Hela cell line viability, antidiabetic and Antiglycation. The aqueous extracts were obtained from leaves. Alloxan 180 mg /kg body was used to induce diabetes. Mice with blood glucose level of ≥200 mg/dl were considered as diabetic and were received 10 mg/kg of body weight of Extracts. For Antiglycation, SDS-PAGE (sodium dodecyl sulphate–polyacrylamidegel electrophoresis) were prepared for the appearance of high molecular weight products. Hela cell line were cultured in RPMI-1640 medium for MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) assay analysis. The results showed that the mean of glucose levels decreasing in mice that treated with 10 mg/Kg extracts of O. europaeaand J. regia. Also SDS-PAGE showed that extracts of J. regiawere better than of O. europaea in inhibition of glycation induced protein cross-linking at all studied concentrations. MTT assay showed that the Cytotoxicity was increased with increasing the doses of extract and the cytotoxic effects of J.regiaextract were higher than O.europaeaat all concentrations. This study showed promising results.

Keywords: Olea europaea L; Juglans regia L; hypoglycemic; antiglycation;Hela cell line; MTT

Research Title: اعادة تأصيل معمارالبيت العربيفي ضوء الحضارة المعاصرة (دراسة حالة على بيوت جبل عمان القديمة - شارع الرينبو )
Author: Mohammad Mahmoud Ababnah, Published Year: 2020
المؤتمر الدوليا لثاني عشرللغات والآداب والدراسات الثقافية , تركيا - جامعة غازي عنتابوجامعة عثمان باشا
Faculty: Architecture and Design

Abstract: تعرضت عمارتنا التقليدية الى العديد من التشوهات في عناصرها المعمارية ما أدى الى تخبط هويتها المعمارية وضياعها ، فظهرت أشكال الأبنية الغريبة وغير المألوفة كتقليد لعمارة الغرب ، ويأتي ذلك بسبب القطيعة طويلة الأمد بين ثقافتنا وتاريخنا الحضري ما فسح المجال للعديد من الأصوليين المعماريين لبذل الجهد نحو الحفاظ على ما تبقى منها من مبان قديمة في المدن التقليدية والنسيج المعماري في عالمنا العربي . وتسببت قطيعة التراث المعماري في ضياع التراث ورفضه من قبل الأجيال الحديثة ، كما وتسببت العولمة أو ما يعرف بالانفتاح على ثقافات عديدة غيرت شكل ثقافتنا العربية الأصيلة التي عبثت في جوهرها ؛ فظهرت التصاميم الغريبة التي شوهت معمار المدينة العربية وتصاميمها التقليدية وجردتها من هويتها . يعد العامل الإنساني المقياس المشترك بين المعاصرة والأصالة ، فإذا استطاع المصمم الحفاظ على هذا المقياس فإن التأخي بينهما ممكن ، ويتجلى المقياس الانساني في القيم الروحية والقومية والمادية في العمارة المعاصرة (1) . فالمعاصرة لا يقصد بها الحداثة ولا تعد انتهاكاً للهوية التقليدية . علماً بأن المدن العربية وبيوتها القديمة تتجلى بالأصالة المعمارية التي تشير الى أن وجود المقوم في الشيء ووجوده في العمارة ضروري ، فهي نتاج بشري أصيل مقوم في تأصيلها وتكوينها عبر الزمن . ان العودة الى عمارتنا التقليدية المتواجدة في مدننا العربية وقرانا والتي تفيض بالأصالة والتراث تحتاج من المعماريين والمصممين العرب والأردنيين بشكل خاص الى تقوية أصر العلاقة تكاثف جهودهم فيما بينهم بالإضافة الى دور الأكاديميين في زيادة الوعي نحو تراثنا وعمارتنا الأصيلة وكيفية الحفاظ عليها . (1) عفيف ، بهنسي ، ما بعد الحداثة والتراث في العمارة العربية الإسلامية (عالم الفكر ) ، ج27 ، عدد 2، 1998، أكتوبر تعد عمّان من المدن العربية القديمة التي يزيد عمرها عن تسعة آلاف عام . ووضعت العديد من الحضارات بصمتها على هذه المدينة العريقة حيث بدأت بالحيثيين والهيكسوس وتلاهم العمونيون والإغريق والرومان والحضارة الإسلامية بمختلف فتراتها ، فآثارها بقيت شاهداً على هذه الحضارات المتعاقبة . وتأثرت العمارة التقليدية للبيوت والمباني المعمارية بالحضارات السابقة التي تواجدت على هذه الأرض وأثرتها بالعناصر الزخرفية والمعمارية لتزيد من جمالية ورونق البيت العربي الأصيل في مدينة عمّان ؛ إلا أن المدينة تعرضت وأبنيتها التراثية الأصيلة للعديد من التشويه والدمار ، ما أدى الى ضياع هويتها. ولقد حاول العديد من المصممين والمعماريين الأردنيين الحفاظ على ما تبقّى من تراثنا المعماري وتناولوا الموضوع من جهات مختلفة مما جعل بعضهم بالتعامل معه على أنه أمر شائك . وتسعى هذه الدراسة الى فهم كيفية التعامل مع ما بقي من تراثنا المعماري في مدينة عمّان والمحافظة عليها وزيادة الوعي بالموروث المعماري وأهميته خاصة في البيوت القديمة بجبل عمّان في شارع الرينبو هناك وإعادة تأصيلها وتوثيقها في ظل التصميم المعاصر في المدينة ، والوقوف على أهم عناصرها المعمارية والزخرفية ذات القيمة التاريخية وتحليلها والإستفادة منها في تصميم البيوت المعاصرة وذلك للوصول لمدينة معاصرة ذات عناصر معمارية أصيلة تعبّر عن هوية المدينة العربية وعراقتها وتؤكد على قيمها الإجتماعية . Our traditional architecture has been subjected to many distortions in its architectural elements, which led to the floundering and loss of its architectural identity, so unfamiliar and uncommon structures emerged as an imitation of Western architecture. This results in a long-standing break between our culture and our urban history. This put a foundation to encourage many architectural fundamentalists to make an effort to preserve what remains of it are heritage buildings in traditional cities and its architectural fabric in our Arab world. The estrangement of the architectural heritage that has led to rejection by modern generations. On the other hand, globalization or what is known as openness to many cultures changed the form of our authenticity of the Arab culture, which tampered with the Arab architecture essence and identity. The human factor is the common standard between contemporary and authenticity. If the designer is able to maintain this standard, then the delay between them is possible, and the human scale is reflected in the spiritual, national and material values in contemporary architecture (1). Contemporary is not intended for modernity and is not a violation of traditional identity. Note that Arab cities and their ancient homes are reflected in the architectural originality that indicates that the existence of the ingredient in the thing and its presence in the architecture is necessary, as it is an authentic human product that is rooted in its formation and composition over time. Returning to our traditional architecture found in our Arab cities and villages that overflow with originality and heritage requires Arab and Jordanian architects and designers, in particular, to strengthen the relationship’s insistence by intensifying their efforts among them. In addition to the role of academics in raising awareness towards our heritage and our original architecture and how to preserve it. Amman is considered one of the oldest Arab cities, which is more than nine thousand years old. Many different civilizations have left their mark on this ancient city, where it began with the Hittites and Hexus, followed by the Ammonites, the Greeks, the Romans and the Islamic civilization in its various periods. The city still preserves the effects as a witness to these successive civilizations. The traditional architecture of houses and buildings was affected by previous civilizations that existed on this city, which riched them with decorative and architectural elements to increase the aesthetic and elegance of the original Arab house in the city of Amman; Many Jordanian designers and architects have tried to preserve the remainder of our architectural heritage and dealt with this issue from various perspective, which made the impression that this is a complicated issue. This study seeks to understand how to deal with and maintain the remaining architectural heritage in the city of Amman and increase awareness of the architectural heritage and its importance, especially in the old houses on Jabal Amman on Rainbow Street. In order to re-rooting and documenting the architectural heritage in light of contemporary design in Amman, and to identify the most important architectural and decorative elements that hold historical value. To analyze and utilize it in the design of contemporary houses, to reach a contemporary city with authentic architectural elements that express the identity of the Arab city and its heritage and emphasize its social values

Keywords: تأصيل -البيت العربي -الحضارة -المعاصرة

Research Title: الخطاب النسوي في الاتجاه المعماري لدى زها حديد
Author: Mohammad Mahmoud Ababnah, Published Year: 2020
Faculty: Architecture and Design

Abstract: يحمل الخطاب النسوي بشكله العام الكثير من الاشكاليات التي دفعت أشخاصاً كثراً للتوقف امامه طويلاً ، ويأتي ذلك بسبب الجهل الفاضح وعدم دراية العديد منهم بالموضوع وقيمته . يمكن تفسير الخطاب النسوي تفسيراً يعبر عن هوية المرأة نفسها باعتبارها هوية متمددة خلافا لهوية الرجل ، وكما تقول ( اريجاري ) بأن تقييد أو حبس المرأة يعتبر انكاراً واضحاً لإمكانية التغيير الدال سواء للمرأة او الرجل معا في اطار تكوينهما البيولوجي . ويتمثل الخطاب النسوي في جوانب شتى بالحياة منها الاجتماعية والسياسية والفلسفية والفنون والعمارة . بالإضافة الى التعرف على مفهوم الخطاب النسوي في العمارة والتصميم سنتناول أعمال المعمارية العراقية الراحلة زها حديد بالتحليل وذلك لرصد مدى تنوع الأساليب التعبيرية عن الخطاب النسوي في مختلف مجالاته . تجسدت مسيرة زها حديد كامرأة في مهنة يطغى عليها الطابع الذكوري وكعربية في زمن يعاني فيه المواطن العربي التهميش والإهمال في عالم عربي يعاني من التفكك والدمار المادي والمعنوي. تنتمي حديد الى جيل ما بعد الحداثة الناتج عن الثورة الصناعية والمعلوماتية الهائلة حيث ظهرت فيه الأشكال المعقدة والتي كانت تعتبر من المستحيلات في عصر ما قبل الحداثة . استطاعت زها حديد التعبير عن المرأة وخطابها النسوي عن طريق تحويل المتناقضات والنزاعات والتحديات المعمارية الى قوى صانعة ومنتجة خلاقة من خلال الفكر التفكيكي التحليلي ، لإعادة تعريف المفاهيم وتشكيل منظور جديد مبنى على التغيير والاختلاف . في ظل الواقع الذكوري والظلم المجتمعي في المجال المعماري القائم على أسس الهندسة الإقليدية ( التقليدية) قامت زها حديد باجتراح منهج هندسي حداثي يقوم على استخدام المنحنيات المجردة بالعمارة حتى اطلق عليها لقب – ملكة المنحنيات – وتعتبر هذه هي طريقة زها حديد للتعبير عن خطابها النسوي وقدرتها كامرأة على مواجهة الصعاب ، واستطاعت أن تخلد اسمها كإحدى أفضل وأقوى المعماريين بالعالم . تسعى هذه الدراسة الى التعريف بالنسوية و بالخطاب النسوي من السياق المعماري لامرأة جسدت هنا الخطاب النسوي في اتجاهها المعماري للوصول للهدف النهائي وهو القضاء على جميع أشكال القهر الاجتماعي التي تتعرض لها المرأة واعطاءها المساحة الكافية لتوسع المشاركة والنهوض بالمجتمع .

Keywords: خطاب-نسوي-معمار

Research Title: Survey study: COVID-19 symptoms and lifestyle
Author: Raida W. Khalil, Published Year: 2021
world journal biology pharmacy and health science, 5
Faculty: Science

Abstract: In the middle of 2020 coronavirus had becoming spread around the world with a high number of people infected with covid-19, which makes covid-19 international pandemic that leads the governments around the world to decided strict roles to prevent the spreading of the virus, like wearing masks, social distance, e-learning and curfew. Because SARS-Cov2 is a novel virus, research groups around the world are making an effort to study the genetic material and structure of this virus and to find suitable treatment and vaccine. Also, they are trying to analyze the impact on the people who are infected with covid-19 especially after recovering. This preliminary study is trying to analyze the survey data collected from patients in the Middle East especially Jordan and Iraq, to find out how much lifestyle could affect the long-lasting symptoms caused by covid-19. According to the data, there is a strong relationship between lifestyle and long-lasting symptoms of covid-19 especially physical exercise, taking supplements and drink caffeine frequently. Recommend to get more worldwide study about the impact of lifestyle on the long-lasting symptoms of covid-19.

Keywords: COVID19; Long Lasting Symptoms; Lifestyle

Research Title: Nanocarriers in novel drug delivery system
Author: Mohammad Bayan, Published Year: 2021
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Recently, nanomedicines have been advanced and turned into an innovative approach for the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. In particular, the medication is being delivered to the site of action through nanoparticles wherein these transporters are significant for effective treatment or management of diseases. The diversified nanocarriers support the targeted biomolecular interaction of drugs and can reduce various side effects thereby enabling the treatment more effectively. In this chapter, we depict the utilization of efficient nano-sized carriers in nanomedicine and nanotechnology in the treatment and diagnosis, respectively. Additionally, we discuss the targeted delivery of nanodrugs in a broader context through the availability of different nanocarriers. We also give a brief outlook on various nanomedicines developed utilizing distinctive and novel nanocarriers.

Keywords: Nanocarriers, Nanoparticles, Cancer, Nanomedicine, Novel drug delivery system.

Research Title: Salivary Inflammatory Mediators in Cancer Diagnosis
Author: Mohammad Bayan, Published Year: 2021
Sumerianz Journal of Medical and Healthcare, 4
Faculty: Pharmacy

Abstract: Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide; it can be successfully treated in the early stages. Screening for cancer should be performed in safe, accurate, cost-effective, and non-invasive techniques and therefore achieved the patient convenience. The salivary diagnosis could be a promising era in oncological fields, which have some correlations with serum biomarkers in certain cancers. In this paper, we reviewed some of the salivary biomarkers in detecting different cancers and their origins [genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and microbiota].

Keywords: Cancer screening; Salivary diagnosis; Salivaomics; Inflammatory biomarker.