Faculty of Science

Dean: Dr. Samer Masoud

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At the start of the 1991/1992 academic year, the Faculty of Science admitted its first batch of students who later graduated in the academic year of 1995/1996. And since its establishment, the Faculty of Science has provided basic science courses, such as Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Nutrition, being offered to various faculties of the university and taught by an elite group of faculty members.

In order to remain abreast of the modern developments in applied sciences and of the current demands of the twenty-first century, as well as to emphasize the role of basic sciences in the provision of knowledge, the Faculty of Science introduced the mathematics degree program within the Department of Basic Sciences in the academic year of 2003/2004. The two, Basic Sciences and Mathematics, then split into their own departments at the beginning of the 2022/2023 academic year, with the aim of preparing and training qualified students who will contribute towards the lack of qualified professionals in the specialization of Mathematics, as well as to provide the labor market with distinguished Mathematics teachers, equipped with skills that make them highly qualified instructors and prominent researchers in various fields of knowledge in Mathematics.

The Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering was established in the academic year of 2000/2001 in order to become a unique hub at both the local and regional levels. The department offers a Bachelor's degree program in which students will be readied for applied current trends within this specialization, developing these trends to serve various projects: industrial, pharmaceutical, nutritional, health, agricultural, public and private production sectors, and other scientific centers, in addition to cooperation with local and international universities in the fields of research in various disciplines of Biotechnology.

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Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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