Finance and Banking

Chairman: Dr. Mohammad Al-Smadi
Tel: +96264799000 Ext. 2268
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Welcome to the website of the Department of Finance and Banking Sciences at the University of Philadelphia.

Since its foundation in 1996, the Department of Finance and Banking Sciences has been offering a bachelor's degree in finance and banking. The program consists of a selection of courses aimed at qualifying students theoretically and practically in different fields of knowledge. The department is characterized by having a diverse faculty group in terms of their scientific backgrounds and teaching and research interests, and this contributes to enriching the department's academic environment. In addition to teaching, the department focuses on scientific research by publishing scientific research in internationally-acclaimed journals, besides participating in scientific conferences and seminars that discuss new financial and banking issues. The department prides itself by partnerships with specialized professional entities that give the students of the department a range of privileges that help them to obtain a range of professional certificates required in the local and international labor market. Last but not least, the department is keen to apply local and international quality assurance standards in all its work.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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