Department of Public and Cultural Relations

Department of Public and Cultural Relations


Sufyan Al-Nawafleh, The Director

Greetings and hope for a better tomorrow with promising young generation to come,

Our motto: We seek an excellent representation of Philadelphia University through your mutual cooperation with the Department of Public and Cultural Relations.

Our mission: To reflect our university bright and civilized image.

The Department of Public and Cultural Relations cooperates with other departments and faculties to represent our university in its bright and civilized image. It works as the main link between the faculties, departments and centers of the university, associating all together with external public and mainly academic entities in Jordan and Jarash in particular. Therefore, the role of public relations is growing eventually, so that our mind map and mental image of our university is to be changed to aspire better realization of its achievements, whether manifested by its professors and administrative staff or students.

Nowadays, duties of public relations vary in different ways at various administrative and technical levels, in addition to the basic tasks to be taken care of, such as those related to the preparation of organizational and logistic arrangements , and those that have to do with handling programs for Philadelphia university in its cultural gatherings and different activities, which require information and data collection to serve the image of our beloved university ,shedding the light on its services as well as its current development projects and future aspirations. The Department of Public and Cultural Relations, seeks to be open to the university's internal audience represented by its academic and administrative members and students; it also aims at serving its local community, as well as learning best practices to be aspired by the international society in the field of higher education.

Philadelphia University is now seeking a new paradigm shift in its realization of public and cultural image in the mind of all its stakeholders and partners. We continue to seek development in our academic system, maintaining a more rapid development in media and communication. For each of these pillars: communication, society service, media and advertising, has its role in providing the university and its mission with more reasons for success and excellence.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce our new department's plan, introducing a new vision, mission and strategic plan to realize and reflect our university achievements at its best.

Together we can make a difference, together we can see our university prosper.

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Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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