Development and Training Center

Development and Academic Training Center

Prof. Qadri Hamarsheh, Director of the center

Continuous development and commitment to quality standards are among the most important ways to advance academic institutions, and this represents a roadmap for Philadelphia University to achieve its future ambitions. The Academic and Administrative Development and Training Center at the university is considered one of the essential pillars of the academic and administrative development process by organizing activities, forums, and discussion panels that are concerned with developing the teaching and research process for all faculties in addition to rehabilitating and developing the university's administrative body. The Center builds bridges of communication in all sectors and branches of the university to meet the required training needs, evaluation, and measurement of academic and administrative units by providing everything appropriately and updated in the educational, teaching, administrative, technological, and research fields. The Center is also concerned with the academic and administrative leaders to raise their performance in their administrative tasks in the academic and administrative units.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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